Students Win Scholarship Funds in ChinaEdu Corporation's Super Student Competition

2011-09-02 17:43 1997

BEIJING, September 2, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- ChinaEdu Corporation (NASDAQ: CEDU) ("ChinaEdu" or the "Company"), a leading online education services provider in China, today announced that it had awarded scholarship funds to the two winners of the Company's nationwide Super Student Competition.

The Super Student Competition included 3,300 high school students from across China, and representatives from leading U.S. colleges and universities were in attendance during the competition. The two top students were selected through a series of academic contests, including reviews of academic achievement and experience, written testing and face-to-face interviews. The winners hailed from China's southeastern seaboard provinces of Hainan and Zhejiang, highlighting the national scale of the competition.

"We are very proud of our Super Student Competition winners," said Julia Huang, ChinaEdu's chairman and chief executive officer. "They were able to stand out among a crowd of talented and capable students, taking full advantage of this tremendous opportunity for Chinese students and parents to gain exposure to the U.S. college application process. Representatives from top U.S. institutions who attended the competition commented that they were seeing more and more applicants with strong English, international experience and a sophisticated understanding of the world. Growing numbers of Chinese students recognize investment in supplementary language instruction and extracurricular activities, such as those provided by ChinaEdu's international and elite programs, as a gateway to U.S. colleges and universities. We anticipate even greater participation in the competition next year and we are confident that this annual event will further enhance our brand across China."

The Super Student Competition began in May of 2011, lasting three months. The contest was promoted primarily through education seminars and cooperation with, a leading Chinese news website. Scholarship funds awarded to the two winners will be put towards university education expenses. Other participating students were given the opportunity to apply to top U.S. universities with waived application fees and access to additional scholarship opportunities provided by individual universities.

About ChinaEdu

ChinaEdu Corporation is an educational services provider in China, incorporated as an exempted limited liability company in the Cayman Islands. Established in 1999, the Company's primary business is to provide comprehensive services to the online degree programs of leading Chinese universities. These services include academic program development, technology services, enrollment marketing, student support services and finance operations. The Company's other lines of businesses include the operation of private primary and secondary schools, online interactive tutoring services and providing marketing, support for international curriculum programs and online learning community for adult students.

The Company believes it is the largest service provider to online degree programs in China in terms of the number of higher education institutions that are served and the number of student enrollments supported. The Company currently has 17 long-term contracts that generally vary from 10 to 50 years in length. ChinaEdu also performs recruiting services for 21 universities through our nationwide learning center network.

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