Sun Bright Tea Announces Launch of Toxic-free Honey Black Tea

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IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 21, 2017 /PRnewswire/ -- Sun Bright Tea today announced the launch of its toxic-free Honey Black Tea, a new tea product that uses an innovative process to keep the tea leaf particles intact rather than the traditional production method that pulverizes the leaves. The resultant drink delivers an enhanced rich and smooth taste. One hundred thousand flowers of the euphoria longan, a tropical fruit known in China and across Asia for its medicinal properties, are used to scent the tea and are then combined with a rich honey flavor to create the mellow black tea, a drink with a taste that is truly unique. The cultivation and production methods are in compliance with environmentally responsible guidelines and practices, and the new product has been tested and certificated by both food safety and environmental protection authorities. In addition to the low carbon footprint of the production process, the product and packaging are toxic-free, can be easily disassembled and is fully recyclable.

Sun Bright Tea's toxic-free Honey Black Tea, a distinct taste featuring a rich honey flavor and a mellow black tea, will be available through all leading sales channels and platforms in the US and on the Sun Bright Tea official website

A toxic-free drinking product thanks to 100% natural flowers and teas

Sun Bright Tea's toxic-free Honey Black Tea boasts several rare innovations. With the flowers of the euphoria longan, planted and cultivated using only non-toxic materials, and black tea as the raw ingredients, only large tea leaf particles are packaged inside the high-quality and distinct triangle-shaped tea bags, assuring the smooth taste with a hint of the delicate savor of the flower's nectar. The most eye-catching feature of the new product is the sight and visual appeal of the euphoria longan flowers inside the tea bags. These unique features are what make Sun Bright Tea's toxic-free Honey Black Tea the most distinct of its class worldwide.

Combined with advanced scenting technology, the intact tea leaf particles bring out the richness of the flavor

Sun Bright Tea uses only the most flavor-delivering, distinctive and rare intact tea leaf particles, assuring that the final product will be well-received and appreciated by the tea-drinking public. The unique and precise production process calls for using 100,000 flowers from the euphoria longan to be scented for 96 hours in a high-temperature environment through a careful, precise and time-consuming process, perfectly combining the flower fragrance with the tea.

The tea offers a unique and excellent taste - drinkers can enjoy it either piping hot, or iced

Honey Black Tea comes in high-quality, unique triangularly-shaped tea bags. Drinkers can choose to brew it with hot water or by adding crushed ice. Brewing it with hot water brings out the rich honey flavor and pure taste, a taste that has been unanimously recognized by leading tea experts. Adding crushed ice enhances the feel of the freshness of the fragrance and smooth taste, with drinkers noticing the perfect and smooth aftertaste underlined by the sweet yet faint taste of the honey.

Excellent quality wins recognition of Michelin's harshest food critics

iTQi is the world's leading organization dedicated to testing and promoting superior food and drink products, with judges selected from among Michelin's or Gault Millau's expert food critics. Due to the team's unremitting persistence and hard work, the excellent quality of Sun Bright Tea is fully demonstrated by the recognition of these hard-to-please European-based food reviewers from Michelin and a 2-star designation in the Michelin Guide.

This year, in a blind test undertaken by the judges, Sun Bright Tea's Honey Black Tea received a high score and was honored with a Superior Taste Award at iTQi. The blind taste test centered around five criteria: visual appearance, aroma, taste, texture and overall assessment.

Nearly one hundred judges were impressed by the unique and full-bodied honey flavor of the Honey Black Tea. Sun Bright Tea maintains strict standards in all phases of the production process in order to achieve the perfect blend of tastes from the euphoria longan flower and the black tea through an exclusive fermentation control process. This has proven to be key in the tea producer's garnering of a two-star rating in the Michelin Guide.

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