Sutor Technology Group Succeeded in Pre-painted Cold-rolled Steel Trial Production

2015-12-16 21:00 2005

CHANGSHU, China, December 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sutor Technology Group Limited (the "Company" or "Sutor") (Nasdaq: TOR), one of the leading China-based manufacturers and customized service providers for fine finished steel products used by a variety of downstream applications, announced that it succeeded in its trial production of self-developed pre-painted cold-rolled steel ("PPCR steel"). The new developed PPCR steel will meet all color painting and future deep stamping process requirements.

With environmental requirements becoming more and more strict in China's more developed regions, Sutor developed the PPCR steel aiming to replace the existing technology used in some industries where paints are mainly sprayed on cold-rolled steel, which will significantly improve pollution issues associated with the existing old-style technology. The newly developed PPCR steel is a pre-painted product based on cold-rolled steel. It not only provides bright and smooth surface, but also preserves cold-rolled steel's future processing capability. PPCR steel will maintain its originally painted color under 180 degree's cold bending and meet future deep stamping process requirements. This new PPCR steel products can be used specifically in metal barrels, or more broadly in isolation materials, door sheets and other interior decoration areas.

Ms. Lifang Chen, Chairwoman and CEO of Sutor commented, "As part of our continuing efforts to strengthening our Company's operating philosophy 'Green Manufacturing', we are not only committed to energy conservation and environment protection in our own daily operations, but also make efforts to improve the whole industry. We believe, solid technology and creativity are foundation for enterprise competitiveness and success."

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