TCL Multimedia Launched World Debut of Cloud Strategies and New Cloud TV Products

TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited
2012-04-10 22:55 1832

Strengthened Core Competitive Advantages in the Cloud Age

HONG KONG, April 10, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited ("TCL Multimedia" or "the Group", HKSE stock code: 01070) launched its brand new Cloud Strategies driven with four focuses at the "TCL Cloud Strategies & the 2012 Spring New Products Launch Press Conference" today. The Group also launched a number of globally innovative new products in the spring of 2012, including the V7500, the first 3D smart cloud TV in the world with a smart TV operation system - STV OS system, and the E5390, the first 3D smart cloud TV in the world with TV smart point of a reading educational system. The Group intended to consolidate its industry leading position leveraging on its cloud strategies layout and full cloud product series.

The products that TCL Multimedia launched today mainly belong to the whole cloud products category, which includes the six series of 3D smart cloud TV, namely Cloud-Bo V8200S, Cloud-Feng V7500, Cloud-Yue E5390, Cloud-Zhuo V7300, Cloud-Ya F3390 and Cloud-Shang E5300. These products demonstrate that the Group established the strongest and most comprehensive product portfolios for its 3D smart cloud TV products currently available in the TV industry. Among the new products, Cloud-Feng V7500 is the first 3D smart cloud TV worldwide to feature a smart TV operation system - the STV OS. The operating system, compatible with Android4.0+, is the first designated operation system for smart cloud TV in the world. In addition, the 7.9mm super slim edge design of Cloud-Feng V7500 set a new record for slim edge TVs in the PRC. Not only is Cloud-Yue E5390 another flagship product equipped with globally the innovative TV smart point of a reading educational system, but it also combines several core smart cloud applications and cloud functions which includes the cloud screen interaction, natural light 3D, etc.

Mr. Zhao Zhongyao, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Multimedia said, "Cloud Strategies is the Group's brand new corporate strategy in the Cloud Age. Boosted by smart cloud technology and led by the "Innovation of cloud technology, the integration of cloud resources, synergy of cloud industry and the guidance of the entire cloud market", these strategies will enable TCL to accelerate its strategic layout in the TV industry and to fully strengthen TCL's global core competitive advantages and its industry lead in the Cloud Age. Leveraging its 4P Strategy of product, price, place and promotion, TCL Multimedia will carry out its cloud strategies in full swing in the future."

In terms of products, TCL Multimedia will remain dedicated to creating the most complete 3D smart cloud TV product series, the most complete application of smart cloud functions and the most complete cloud resources system in the TV industry. The six series of 3D smart cloud TV, including the V7500 and E5390, show that the Group has formed the most powerful 3D smart cloud TV product series in the TV industry, and it will also be the first to realize the full coverage of smart cloud TV technology in 3D and LED products in the TV industry in the future, delivering more genuine whole cloud products and various choices for consumers.

In terms of price, facing the current industry situation in which prices of cloud TVs are generally high, from today onwards, TCL Multimedia will adjust the price of 3D smart cloud TV to the level of ordinary 3D TV by technological innovation, cost optimization and price adjustment strategies, which will enable consumers to enjoy the leading 3D smart cloud products at the price of an ordinary 3D TV. This price adjustment will allow 3D smart cloud TV to more people's lives and to allow the popularity of 3D smart cloud TV to gain a strong foothold across the PRC.

In terms of place, TCL Multimedia will push forward the implementation of cloud strategies through well-rounded measures such as optimizing product structure, increasing the number of points of sale, cooperating with home electric appliance chain store giants, expanding internet sales channels, etc. TCL plans to open 3,000 new speciality stores in the PRC so as to build an efficient sales channel for cloud products. Mr. Zhao Zhongyao said, "From May of this year, most of TCL Multimedia's main products will have cloud function in the PRC's urban markets"

In terms of promotion, TCL Multimedia will carry out a series of large-scale campaigns to promote the popularity of its whole cloud products. In addition to the worldwide debut of the Group's whole cloud product series in 2012 and the debut of other new products in the spring to meet consumer demand in the PRC, TCL Multimedia plans to build 25 halls to simulate 3D smart cloud life in the PRC this year, the first online experience community for 3D smart cloud life in the world, and will hold large-scale Caravan tours to allow customers to experience 3D smart cloud life across the country so as to allow consumers to fully experience the charm of the 3D smart cloud TVs and the true feeling of the wonderful smart cloud life.

The cloud strategies pioneered by TCL Multimedia fully promotes the popularity of smart cloud products and leverages its full cloud product series and other measures. The visionary strategies fully cater to the industry development trend and consumer demand in the market, enabling the Group to be the leader of the TV industry.

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TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited is one of the largest TV manufacturers globally, with products sold all over the world. Headquartered in China, TCL Multimedia operates its manufacturing plants and R&D centres across all major continents. The Group's largest shareholder is TCL Corporation.

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