TOPOWER Generators certified by ISO9001:2008 and CE

2014-11-06 22:15 1746

SHANGHAI, November 6, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- TOPOWER Generators Co., Ltd, a leading enterprise in the diesel generator industry, has received ISO9001:2008 from Shanghai Ingeer Certification Assessment Service Co., Ltd. and CE certificate from Ente Certificazione Macchine Ltd.

Established in 2000, Shanghai Ingeer Certification Assessment Services Co., Ltd. (ICAS) is authorized by the Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People's Republic of China, and accredited by CNAS and UKAS. It is a member of the China Certification and Accreditation Association and a permanent member of the Shanghai Certification and Accreditation Association. It has operated the first independent research and development of QMS for the cosmetic industry in China, and is the first trial organizations for Energy Management System in China. Justice, authoritative, independent, faithful, innovative is the company's tenet.

Ente Certificazione Macchine Ltd. (ECM) is an International Certification Organization with subsidiary offices around the world. It is a well-known and respected leader in the field of product safety compliance, with a large technical staff and testing facilities, serving the needs of over 20,000 customers worldwide. It performs certifications, inspections and testing on all types of industrial equipment and products. It is specialized in CE marking, European Product Safety Regulations and International Product Safety Regulations certifications.

Getting quality system certification and security system certification means obtaining a green pass for international trade. It is the first step and a key step for TP POWER as a high-end leading national brand out of the country, and to the world. With TOPOWER successfully obtaining the ISO9001:2008 certificate and CE security management system certificate, this is significant for TOPOWER in building enterprise image.

These certificates are with 3 major significances to TOPOWER Generators Co., Ltd.:

  1. Improve and complete the internal organization management, to make the quality management system standard and security management system standard, improve the quality of products, and ensure the stability of product quality;
  2. Indicate that TOPOWER respects the rights and interests of consumers and social responsible attitude, to enhance consumer confidence, so that consumers are assured of the use of its products and services, to improve market competitiveness.
  3. Be conducive to TOPOWER development extroversion economy and expand market share through the CE and ISO9001:2008 certificate. This is a permit to the overseas market and a powerful weapon of elimination of trade barriers.

Comments from David Xu, General Manager of TOPOWER
"Quality management system certification is an international standard, enabling our enterprise to truly achieve the legalization and scientific requirements, greatly improving the working efficiency and the rate of qualified products, rapidly improving the economic efficiency of enterprises and social benefit, so as to strengthen the customer trust on the products of TOPOWER, for playing an important effect of increasing the market occupancy rate.

"The CE certificate is not only the recognition to TOPOWER product quality, but also the approval on the comprehensive competence. It is recognition of TOPOWER's product quality by the European Union, is conducive to strengthening the communication with Europe advanced generator enterprises, and ready for the next product on the European market."

About Topower Generators Co., Ltd.
Topower Generators Co., Ltd is a manufacturer who focuses on generator sets (on-site, house, commercial, removable) and related products for more than eleven years. From 10KVA-2200KVA (6.4KW-1600KW), TP Power brand gen-sets are powered by world famous engines, e.g. Cummins (20kw-1200kw), Perkins (7.2kw-1800kw), Deutz (24kw-1600kw), Isuzu (20kw-64kw) and Topower (8KW-48KW). Also diesel engines coupled to Newage Stamford alternators/Marathon alternators/Mecc Alte alternators / Chinese Engine AC alternators. The gen-set categories include 50HZ, 60HZ, 1 phase, 3 phases, open, soundproof and removable types.

Details relating to the full range of Topower products can be found on our website:

TOPOWER is the diesel generators manufacturer to combine the western concept with china productivity. We believe that TOPOWER can support you to become the most competitive. Our company has passed CE and ISO certifications.

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