Taking Charge: MacauHR Advises IT and Finance Employees to Hone Their Management Skills

2012-06-08 14:12 1661

A decrease in new positions means that rather than switching firms, those who want to get ahead should begin looking internally for advancement opportunities.

MACAU, June 8, 2012 / PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Over the past five years, Macau has become one of Asia's fastest-developing cities; with the continuing opening of new luxury mega resorts, things have indeed been moving along quickly. On average, a new casino has opened every 18 months in the last few years; with some 50,000 jobs created along the way.

However, these bustling job market conditions are not expected to last. With no more large-scale casino or hospitality developments slated to open in the next two years (2015-2016 is when the next property opens), Alex Lu, Branch Manager of macauHR, predicts by this fall there will be a dramatic decrease in the new opening positions available in Macau.

However, Lu also reminds employees that the relative stability of the market does not mean that opportunity for advancement will disappear. In fact, according to Lu, "For those who work in local IT and accounting industries, opportunities are abound."

A veteran human resources consultant, Lu was deeply involved in helping companies meet the high demand for personnel during Macau's booming growth period. He believes that the temporary drop in new job openings this fall could actually become an advantage for IT and accounting employees looking to enter management-level positions.

In order to be better equipped for advancement, Lu says, "Information technology workers should look into acquiring CCNA- or CCNP-certification. Another management-track option for them is to earn a PMP certificate and to have excellent English language communication skills," he continues, "The most important certification for promotion within finance and accounting sectors is earning a CPA with international accreditation."

For extra support, employees can look to the Macau government for financial aid by applying for the Continuing Education Fund.

Lu also mentions, "Local IT and finance professionals who aspire to manage and pursue certification have a serious edge over others in filling future executive positions. The local government has placed an emphasis on developing local business talents." 

For those who wish to rise to the ranks of executive-level decision-makers, Lu offers these words of advice, "Accept assignments outside of your comfort zone. Employees who demonstrate a willingness to grow in new, unfamiliar roles within a company effectively broaden their appeal to an employer."

"Don't complain if your superior increases the scope of your job. This might be a great opportunity for taking a step upward in the organization," says Lu. "A person who is open to new responsibilities and has a stable working record tends to be regarded by an employer as a good candidate for promotion."

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