Tesseratic Container Engine -- A Container Platform That Can Run in Any Cloud

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TAIPEI, , November 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Across the Pacific Ocean, a private Docker container based platform, Tesseratic Container (TC) Engine was announced on Oct. 23, 2015 by GigaCloud located at Neihu Science Park in Taipei. Based on the latest Docker container standard, Tesseratic Container Engine allows developers to deploy and manage containers intuitively through the graphical user interface (GUI). Users can deploy Docker containers without a single command line. With the GUI, containers can be easily assigned into a cluster and a group of clusters can be set into a microservice just by clicking a mouse.

Through Tesseratic Container Engine, deploying a Docker container becomes extremely easy and developers can immediately enjoy the benefit of high availability, load balance and scalability naturally built on the platform. It truly provides an efficient platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for programmers to focus on service development without disturbing infrastructure. What is even better is that the Tesseratic Container Engine actually packages itself as a container, so that it can be easily run on any public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, OpenStack or even bare metals. It provides flexibility and high mobility for developers to build their services wherever they want. Via Tesseratic Container Engine, orchestration has never been this easy and that brings DevOps into real implementation. If agility is king, then TC Engine is the king of agility.

As the booming market of e-commerce (ECs), Internet of Things (IoTs) and Big Data all over the world, the Tesseratic research and development team sees opportunities for even greater usage of Docker container technology. "When we first revealed our product to startups and container experts in Taiwan, we saw their eyes sparkle with excitement and when it came time for Q&A, questions were immediately asked about our product. They haven't seen any container platform that provides such an intuitive interface and is able to make the continuous delivery (CD) into practice. It's really shortened the time to market period for service providers," says Simon Lee, CEO of GigaCloud.

"Unlike other container platform providers, we consider the total control over the service without any vendor lock-in to be the most beneficial solution for enterprises and startups. Thus, Tesseratic is a private cloud based platform, once users purchase it; they can deploy it wherever they like. For both enterprises and startups, it will be easier for them to control their overall budgets. Right now, we are looking for markets not only in Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China, but also the USA, since we believe our competitive price pack and service solution is definitely a better bargain for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and startups run their service in a certain scale. Meanwhile, we are open to build-up any good partnerships of those markets too," Simon Lee added.

The Tesseratic Container Engine is the first product line of Tesseratic. After all the build up, Tesseratic Hypervisor Engine and Tesseratic OpenStack will soon be revealed to the users. For more information, please visit

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