The "2012-2013 Consumer Electronics Top 10 Brands from China" Competition Commences

2012-10-22 20:00 1045

BEIJING, October 22, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Marking its 7th year, the "2012-2013 Consumer Electronics Top 10 Brands from China" competition ("The Competition") started recently. This event, held in the context of 3C convergence and penetration, actively focuses on the intelligent innovation of Chinese consumer electronic brands to help them capture future opportunities more precisely and forcefully in the international arena. So far, there are 20 candidate brands from China and abroad, including Haier, Hisense, TCL, Changhong, Skyworth, Great Wall, Konka, Tongfang, Huawei, Acer, BOE, Midea, Founder, Glanz and more. During the event, participating parties get together to discuss ways to break through the bottleneck in the development of Chinese enterprises through intelligence-powered innovation and find roads to future success.

According to data released by IDG, the consumer electronics market worldwide is expected to hit the milestone of US$1 trillion for the first time in history in 2012. Particularly, China will replace the US to become the largest consumer electronics market. Today, China is already one of the major countries where global consumer electronics giants choose to have premier product launches. It is also an important driving force behind innovation in the global consumer electronics industry. However, as there is now obvious evidence in addition to GDP figures and PMI that China's economic growth is slowing down, China's consumer electronics industry has to carry out inside-out reform if it is to continue its own vigorous growth and find new sources for industry prosperity. It is thus crucial to find the right road between an enterprise's internal development and market-driven growth to move to a higher level of the value chain.

On this landscape The Competition rolled out on a large scale. Focusing on the theme "convergence and penetration, focusing on intelligence and innovation", The Competition will discuss and analyze indicators including technological innovation, management innovation, organizational innovation, development model innovation, and whether consistent standards are applied to drive innovation. The purpose is to attach importance to the innovative development of brands, propel Chinese consumer electronics companies to reach a new high of innovation and upgrading, and provide a stage for Chinese enterprises to present themselves to the international community. This will help Chinese players to build up core competencies, enhance competition, improve the international standing, and gear-up the global development of Chinese brands.

"Consumer Electronics Top 10 Brands from China" is co-sponsored / supported by International Data Group (IDG) and Twice, and co-organized by IDC China, GFK and CEO & CIO. The aim is to showcase the glamour of Chinese brands to the world, enhance their power in the international market, and achieve branding sustainability for them. This will ultimately push ahead the development of the Chinese consumer electronics industry. So far the competition has been held successfully for six sessions, all of which led to an awards ceremony during the US Consumer Electronics Show, the premier event of the global consumer electronics industry. With the help of this event, the winner companies were able to display the R&D capabilities of their brands to international media and obtained heavy and extensive news coverage on CES Daily and Twice's US CES Special Issue. In addition, these Chinese companies quickly found international partners because of this event. This helped them strengthen international channels, improve brand reputation and expanded their overseas markets.

Planning for this year's Competition started in May 2012 and the candidate brands were announced in September. In December, the judge panel will carry out the final review, and the awarding ceremony will be held in Las Vegas on January 9, 2013. The entire process will last for more than 8 months. To ensure that the activity is open and fair, the selection consists of three parts. First, 20 nominee brands were screened with data from the organizers and co-organizers. Then, online users voted for their favorite brands among the 20 on, one of the most popular portal sites in China, and professional websites such as Consumer Electronics. Finally, a panel of judges made up of branding experts from China and abroad conducted overall reviews of the candidate brands to select the top 10 after referring to the online voting results and other relevant data. The final top 10 will be announced during the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

The judging panel holds the view that interconnection, smart devices and convergence will become the three major trends in the international consumer electronics industry. The acceleration of 3C convergence and also the three network convergence, and the scaling up of the electronics industry towards socialization and service-orientation will bring about profound changes. The industrial chain restructuring and adjustment of the structure will also cause far-reaching impacts on the consumer electronics industry. Chinese enterprises that are out in front of these massive changes and challenges must rely on constant innovation to drive further growth of the brand and find a road to future success.

The "Consumer Electronics Top 10 Brands from China" award ceremony will be held in the evening on January 9th 2013 at CES, in Room Lafleur 2, Wynn Hotel, Las Vegas. All are welcome to visit the ceremony and conduct in-depth interviews of the leading Chinese CE enterprises executives.

Source: IDG China