The 2016 Second Optical Valley Cross-border E-commerce Forum held in Wuhan

WUHAN, China, Dec. 2, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- In recent years, cross-border e-commerce has developed rapidly amid global trade slump. The whole world is witnessing the unprecedented opportunity of cross-border e-commerce. How to develop cross-border e-commerce in the new era, situation and market? How to seize the opportunity of the era? How to gain the initiative?

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On November 28, 2016, the Second Optics Valley Global Cross-border E-commerce Forum (CBEC 2016) was held at Hilton Wuhan, Huashan, Optics Valley, Wuhan, China. The forum was supported by the Wuhan Municipal People's Government and the Department of Commerce of Hubei Province, directed by the East Lake High-tech Development Zone Administrative Committee and the Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Commerce, and organized by Winliner Global Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Transn iLangNet Network Technology Co., Ltd.

CBEC 2016 is one of the most globally representative cross-border e-commerce forums in China. Apart from Long Yongtu, the former Chief Negotiator and the former Vice Minister of Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of China; Rolf Visser, Chairman of the Cross-border E-commerce Community and other authorities, CBEC 2016 brought together municipal leaders of over 100 Chinese cities, leaders of Chile's second-largest city Valparaiso, as well as representatives from nearly 40 overseas platforms, including Chile's renowned B2B platform Yeatrade, India's renowned e-commerce platform TradeIndia, Brazil's leading B2B platform B2Brazil, Russia's renowned B2B platform Fis, world-renowned B2B platform TradeKey, the largest US toy platform ToyDirectory, African B2B platform Esaja, Germany's renowned e-commerce platform, Indian B2B platform IndiaMart, South America's renowned B2C platform and South America's largest B2C platform MercadoLibre. Also, executives of renowned domestic and overseas industrial associations as well as representatives of hundreds of Chinese foreign trade enterprises were present to discuss how to open up a new era of cross-border e-commerce in the new times and trend.

At the forum, the attendees looked into the future of global cross-border e-commerce. Long's speech entitled "Road of Cross-border E-commerce in the New Global Context" and Visser's speech entitled "Current Situation and Development Trend of Global Cross-border E-commerce" provided insights into the global trend of cross-border e-commerce.

The attendees discussed the realistic problems of cross-border e-commerce with focus on issues such as "Promoting the Development of Cross-border E-commerce through City Cooperation" and "Building the 'Air Silk Road', Perfecting Cross-border E-commerce Industry Chain".

The attendees offered impressive opinions on some perspective issues. With focus on the issue of "New Era of Cross-border E-commerce: Rise and Reform of Cross-border B2B", five world-renowned e-commerce platforms discussed how to reform cross-border e-commerce to meet the need of economic transformation in the context that B2B has gradually become a key mode of cross-border e-commerce.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has gradually become an industrial hotspot. The attendees offered impressive opinions on "New Kinetics of Cross-border E-commerce: AI and Frontier Technology". In a dialogue chaired by Henry He, Chairman and CEO of Transn iLangNet, the guests portrayed an exciting future for the integration of AI with cross-border e-commerce.

At last, with focus on the issue of "How Does Chile Greet Chinese Buyers and Sellers", the attendees discussed the cooperation between China and Chile. In the context of the recent successful visit of General Secretary and Chairman Xi to Chile, the Commercial Counselor of Chile in Shanghai and the executives of relevant Chilean national associations made suggestions on how Chile cements its relations with China.

Apart from issue discussions, the signing ceremony of the agreement on the establishment of sister cities relationship between China's Yucheng and Chile's second-largest city Valparaiso, and the launch ceremony of the tripartite cross-border cooperation among Valparaiso, Chinese city and Winliner were held during the forum, to promote the establishment of good cooperative relations between foreign cities and Chinese cities. Winliner established the "Cross-border E-commerce Financial Engineering Research Base" in association with Wuhan University China Financial Engineering and Risk Management Research Center, to promote the transformation and upgrading of the urban economy and Chinese enterprises from the dimension of cross-border finance.

On the second day of the forum, the "County Cross-border E-commerce Forum" and the "Cross-border E-commerce Fair" were held, to release service information and market demands in various cross-border sectors, support the development of China's urban economy and the cooperation among various enterprises, and promote win-win cooperation through cross-border e-commerce.

In the address of Zheng Yuhong, CEO of Winliner, the County Cross-border E-commerce Forum opened. Under the framework of the "county economy", the forum will bring its role of resource integration into full play and pool the strength of all walks of life to serve the urban economy.

To enrich the brainpower for the forum and intensify the intellectual support to the urban economy, numerous domestic and overseas experts, scholars and industrial executives, such as Wang Jian, a professor at the University of International Business and Economics and Chairman of the Expert Committee of the APEC E-commerce Business Alliance; and James Brierley, founder and CEO of Chile's renowned B2B platform Yeatrade were invited as think tank experts.

The forum continued the keynote of the main forum. With the guest of honor-Chile as the center, the forum invited Cesar Suarez, Commercial Counselor of Chile in Shanghai and Roberto Fantuzzi H., Chairman of the Import and Export Manufacturers' Association of Chile to discuss issues such as "Sharing of Opportunities from the Chilean Market" and "Chile's Import and Export Situation and Demand for Chinese Products".

The forum also looked into special issues such as "Building of Cross-border E-commerce Enterprise Credit System", "Cross-border E-commerce Risk Prevention", "Sharing of Experience in Cross-border E-commerce Industrial Park Operation" and "Sharing of Experience in Transformation and Upgrading of Cross-border E-commerce County Economy". Apart from issue discussions, the signing ceremony of the agreement on cross-border e-commerce project cooperation was held during the forum. At the ceremony, Winliner signed cross-border e-commerce cooperation project agreements with some Chinese counties and cities, and an agreement with Speedymanna on a cross-border e-commerce industrial project.

The "Cross-border E-commerce Fair" was held concurrently with the "County Cross-border E-commerce Forum". Purchasers from countries such as Chile, Russia, Vietnam, Brazil and Germany discussed cooperation with Chinese manufacturers. They purchased over 1,000 types of commodities, including nearly 100 types of building materials, home products and clothing materials.

In the session of keynote speeches, the speech of Chase Vance, Global Business Development Director, TopTenWholesale (the largest wholesale platform in North America) received a warm response from the suppliers present. Russian tea purchaser Omap Tea also drew great attention. There is huge potential for the tea business cooperation between China and Russia.

Though the fair only lasted a half day, the scene was warm, both the buyers and the sellers signed many intent of purchase agreements.

CBEC is one of the most representative global cross-border e-commerce forums in China. Aiming at the fact that global cross-border e-commerce has entered a key stage, CBEC aims to explore new trends and challenges of global cross-border e-commerce in the context of continuous deepening of the Belt & Road Initiative, discuss the new way and concept of urban economic cooperation, build an exchange and matchmaking platform, and share the development results of global e-commerce.

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