The International Rustic Home Furnishing Color Contest Will be Held in Guangzhou, China

GUANGZHOU, China, May 30, 2012 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The International Vintage Home Furnishing Color Contest officially started at the Guangzhou CAC exhibition hall on April 21st, 2012. The theme of this contest is "Appreciating creative antique colors & demonstrating the variety of household styles", which reflects the typical antique home furnishing colors of different eras and shows the integral effect to the audience in the form of antique-imitation color swatches. We have invited 350 professional buyers from all over the world to comprise the Scene Appraisal Committee. The color swatch that receives the greatest number of votes will be the winner and become the new "if" color for international home furnishing.

The focus of this contest is the pre-distressed chic color and style in home furnishing. There are a variety of methods for antique-imitation such as wormhole, file mark, earthworm trace, hammer mark, spray dot (can be in black or dark coffee color, transparent or non-transparent), fabric imprint (can also be called radiography which will be used to increase the levelled effect of furniture color), etc. There is no universally accepted model for antique-imitation skills. These skills require very strong technology and R&D ability with the need to improve & innovate constantly. This contest is a landmark for antique color research & historical methods of global imitation antique home furnishing.

The sponsor for this contest is Luckywind Handicrafts Company Ltd., this time they will bring more than 10 world-class rural artists and colorists to present various kinds of color swatches. While stepping into the exhibition hall, the motley aged imprints, irregular file marks and the old French grey paintings will take us back to the remote past as if passing through the history tunnel. The purpose of this contest is not only to promote the research and development of faux-antique color assortment, but also to provide a communication platform and chance for global demands to further stimulate the development of faux-antique home furnishing.

The Luckywind Handicrafts Company Ltd. is world renowned for manufacturing vintage-style home furnishing and decorations. They have conducted unique advanced research in material choice, color matching and design innovation with annual investment of 500,000 U.S dollar in antique color research. The European country-style home furnishing products they produce are not only of a natural, coordinated, classical and aesthetic style but can also be custom-made according to buyers' requirements. Most of the materials they use are from old recycled wood. After combining this with other new materials, they can achieve the unity of antique-imitation, environmental protection and culture. Luckywind also invites well-known international rural artists to present strict quality control for their production, which will assure the conscientiousness, quality workmanship and eco-friendliness for every end product.

General Manager Mrs. Trisha Huang says: "Antique/vintage handicrafts are a reflection of our historical feelings and cultural quest. European and American consumers are no longer satisfied with the practical applicability and appreciation of home furnishing products. They have higher requirements for a product's cultural feeling and historical sense. This may be a reflection of Heidegger's 'poetic living' and this raises an upsurge in antique home furnishing products. It is also the primary reason for holding this international color contest."

About Luckywind Handicrafts Company Ltd.

Luckywind Handicrafts Company Ltd. Fuzhou is a manufacturing trading company established in November 2003 with rich experience in manufacturing and exporting faux-antique home furnishing & garden decors. It is the first inland manufacturer for this industry, organized with "Style design Department", "Production Department", "After-sale Service Department" and forming the enterprise culture of "update quickly, progress timelessly". It has established long-term stable partnerships with European & American customers and become their demand assessment and research base in Asia.

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