Thermolon Ltd Announces a Dramatic Advance in Non-Stick Coatings

Thermolon Ltd
2009-02-16 18:48 933

HONG KONG, Feb. 17 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Thermolon Ltd today announced a new non-stick coating that has three times the scratch / abrasion resistance and hardness of conventional coatings.

Called Thermolon "Rocks", it comes from the same stable as the ceramic coatings that, on GreenPans, have revolutionised the cookware industry over the last 18 months. Consumers eagerly welcomed the PTFE / PFOA-free (Note 1) technology of the Thermolon coatings and over 3 million GreenPans have been sold in over 50 countries since their launch in July 2007.

Now, Thermolon has revealed its next generation of toxin free, environmentally friendly coatings. Developed at its R&D Centre in South Korea, Thermolon "Rocks" offers manufacturers previously undreamt of possibilities -- not just in cookware but many fields where the old technology couldn't withstand the wear and tear of heavy usage.

"Many have tried to copy the success of Thermolon," said Thermolon's CEO, Dr Chris Phillips. "But 'Rocks' sets a new standard that introduces non-stick coatings to many new possibilities -- and all this with the health and environmental safety expected of Thermolon coatings."

Thermolon Ltd is in the forefront of the environmentally friendly coating industry. Consumers appreciate that they now have the choice between highly heat-resistant, silica (sand) based Thermolon versus the traditional low temperature-resistant PTFE/PFOA-containing coatings.

The Thermolon Company Headquarters is located in Busan, South Korea. The commercial and financial centre is located in Hong Kong.

(Note 1) PFOA, a persistent organic pollutant and likely human carcinogen,

can be found in the blood of animals and most of the human

population. Under a voluntary stewardship program of the USA's

EPA, PFOA emissions and levels found in end products must be

reduced to zero by the year 2015. It is currently a cause of

great concern to environmental bodies and to organizations such

as the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

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