Fairtheworld Reports: Tourism Industry Hit Hard by Financial Crisis, Huge Potential for Hotel Industry in On-Line Marketing

2009-07-08 20:47 552

HONG KONG, July 8 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- Under the ominous shadow of the global economic crisis, the number of business travelers and tourists fell drastically on a global scale; enterprises on the entire tourism industrial chain are affected, especially the hotel industry.

Many four and five star hotels are cutting their prices to retain customers who are seeking to switch to more economic hotels due to their economic conditions. While middle and low-end hotels are losing a large proportion of guests who have a limited consumption capacity.

During this tough time for the hotel industry, hotels hope to exploit the Internet as a new channel for business expansion. Sam, who is from the Tourism/Sports Hall of, said: "By communicating with four and five star hotels, we learned that the hotel industry is not doing well these days. The mention of on-line marketing of hotels conjures up only the simple concept of an "on-line booking agent" to the sales managers of hotels. They expressed positive attitude toward the cooperation with these agents, however, when asked about the effects, the relevant statistics are very disappointing. One sales manager told us that they had relations with more than 100 on-line partners, yet these partners only brought in 1% of the total revenue."

Data from surveys on local hotels in Zhuhai (China) show it's 1% of the total turnover generated by more than 100 partners. This eloquently shows that on-line marketing of hotels has a huge scope to improve. Compared with benefits other industries have enjoyed from e-commerce, the hotel industry can be called "primitive".

"Fair N Fair" 3D Virtual Expo platform, developed by, has put in place a Tourism/Sports Hall, which perfectly fuses various institutions such as hotels, transportation, catering and travel consultation. With the advancement of the "First World Virtual Exposition" initiated by Fairtheworld, "Fair N Fair" will gather together more than 10,000 enterprises among the Global Top 500 in their industries, as well as 360,000 purchasers, visitors and highly-educated job seekers from all countries. The brand-new on-line marking model provided by will become the new channel for hotels to expand their sales.

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