UGA's Cloud-Based Digital Signage System, Archer, Adopted by YungTay Elevator

UGA Digital
2010-05-05 18:29 642

Premier elevator maker YungTay installs cloud-based advertising systems with UGA Digital's Archer

BEIJING, May 5 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- UGA Digital and YungTay Elevator, Co. launched Archer Digital Signage Services at the World Elevator & Escalator Expo'2010, marking the world's first pre-market elevator installation of cloud-based signage systems. The collaboration delivers enhanced revenue streams for the elevator manufacturer and to other partners in the ecosystem.

UGA Digital's Archer Digital Signage Services is a cloud-based digital signage system that allows advertisers to manage messaging across all displays in a network from one central website, reducing the operator's need for additional on-site hardware and maintenance. Advertisers enjoy the convenience of real-time management of their own content including specifying broadcast times by message and by location. Archer reduces operator costs by replacing dedicated staff to update, edit, and manage content and enables scaling of the number of screens without installing additional back-end hardware.

By combining a captive audience inside elevators with user management this brings the effectiveness of digital signage closer to that of on-line advertising. "Archer is built to bring Google's model of on-line, long tail advertising to digital signage. The highly measurable audience in elevators, makes YungTay the perfect partner for this launch," said Nick Fothergill, CEO, UGA Digital. Current elevator signage systems are managed with more costly and complex PC-based systems while content is managed with physical USB and SD storage. "Archer's web based management lowers the work-load for operators and allows advertisers instant access to their content and customers," Nick Fothergill added.

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About UGA Digital:

UGA Digital provides Content Delivery Networks and media management services. UGA's CDN is used in consumer, digital advertising, and telecom applications where content delivery, lower costs, and detailed analytics are desired. Headquartered in Taipei with offices in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Toronto, UGA delivers your content to any screen, anytime.

About YungTay:

Established in 1993, which is an enterprise majored in manufacturing engineering products in China invested by Taiwan YungTay Engineer Industrial Co. Ltd. Taiwan YungTay went public in Taiwan Securities Market in 1989 with its abundant capital, advanced technology, and a leader team of high quality, which helps it to aggrandize its business territory rapidly, to expand steady, and to aim at innovation.


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