Unicorn Image Products Co., Ltd. of Zhuhai, Member of Print-Rite, was Certified the Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award 2011/12 - Green Medalists & 3 Years + entrant

2013-02-21 20:00 1964

HONG KONG, February 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Print-Rite Holdings Limited ("Print-Rite") is proud to announce that Print-Rite Unicorn Image Products Co., Ltd. Of Zhuhai, subsidiary of Print-Rite, was certified the Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award 2011/12 - Green Medalists & 3 Years + entrant. The award ceremony was held in Hang Seng Bank New Headquarters Building, Hong Kong on February 4, 2013 where Secretary for the Environment Wong Kam-sing, Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive of Hang Seng Bank Rose Lee and FHKI Chairman Dr Roy Chung, presented the Awards to the 2011/12 winners.

Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award recognizes Print-Rite's sound environmental practices on reducing the pollution that affects citizens of the PRD region. Print-Rite actively promotes eco-friendly and energy saving techniques that reduces carbon footprint and contributes to sustainable development. Print-Rite aims to advocate environmental protection within not only the printing industry, but throughout our whole society.

Last year, Print-Rite adopted the following environmental protective practices with great success :

  1. Green Lighting
    Lighting changes within Print-Rite's factories and administrative centres will result in a reduction of 110,976 kWh of power each year.
  2. Innovative Green Technology
    Print-Rite's ground breaking patented technology - SmarTact™ - features a waste toner recycle bin and convertor which allows a contact development cartridge to perform inside a jump development printer - this can save up to 100% waste toner and significantly increase the lifetime of the product.

About Hang Seng Pearl River Delta Environmental Award 2011/12

The Awards aim to recognise and encourage sound environmental practices by manufacturing companies (including transportation and logistics) in Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. Since its launch, the Awards have received wide support from governments from both sides of the border, relevant organizations and industries.


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Source: Print-Rite Holdings Limited