Using New Professional Exhibition Concepts to Build Platforms of Exchange, Trade and Interaction for Creative Industries

The 1st International Creative Industry Exhibition Shanghai, China to Open in October

SHANGHAI, China, July 19 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- The 2007 International Creative Industry Exhibition Shanghai, China (“Creation Expo” for short) is going to be held during the 16th-19th October at the Shanghai International Exhibition Center (INTEX Shanghai). With the theme of "Design, Technology, Life," the Creation Expo invites representative enterprises related to creative industries to display their creative concepts and ideas from four different angles of "New Value," "New Ecology," "New Culture" and "New Vision," structuring the platform to connect the value chain of creative industries. Creative Expo is striving to build a professional exhibition with service functions, and then turn it into an annual event for Shanghai and maybe even China's international creative industries as well.

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Creation Expo is jointly organized by Shanghai Creative Industry Association and World Expo Group Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. The show management of Creation Expo is Shanghai Asia-Pacific Advertising Corporation. Creation Expo gets active support from the Publicity Department of Shanghai Municipal Committee of CPC, the Shanghai Municipal Economic Commission, the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration, the Shanghai Municipal Copyright Bureau, the Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shanghai Sub-council.

"Creative industries" are sunrise industries which have been developing rapidly in recent years and attracting widespread attention from many countries and governments all over the world. As green industries without any burden on the environment, creative industries play an important role in adjusting and upgrading cities' industrial structures and enhancing the competitiveness of economy and culture. Shanghai's creative industries are developing rapidly along with this trend. In 2006, the output value of Shanghai's GDP grew to 7.5%, with the growth rate of 17%, which became one of the highlights of Shanghai's economy.

One of the ideal means to promote the development of industries is to hold regular professional exhibitions. Creation Expo will play a three-pronged platform role: a platform to display leading creative enterprises; a platform to connect the value chain of creative industries; a platform to find creative talent. To jointly organize an exhibition on creative industries with the authority of the industries and the senior exhibition company is not only to conform to the flourishing development of creative industries; but also a positive response to the government's efforts to promote the development of creative industries.

Multi-angle Interpretation of Creation Expo

Creation Expo is divided into four parts -- "New Value," "New Ecology," "New Culture," and "New Vision," which is comprised of leading creative enterprises, famous design companies, creative industrial parks and R & D institutions at home and abroad. Creation Expo will display various aspects of the outlook and development trends of creative industries.

The "New Value" area will showcase how creativity creates value in the new economic era from different angles. Meanwhile, you will see many creative products, design works, successful experiences, product innovation maps and fruitful results of famous international enterprises and design agencies.

The "New Ecology" area will showcase new trends in international environmental protection design, share different viewpoints on environmental protection from Eastern and Western cultures, and demonstrate forefront research and application results of China and the World's green building and green design.

The "New Culture" area will display traditional craft technologies in different periods, letting you feel the wonderfulness of creative thoughts.

The "New Vision" area will talk about the combination of modern and traditional, Eastern and Western visual arts, display and explore its future trends.

Gratifying Progress of Creation Expo

So far, the development of Creation Expo is very positive. IKEA, SONY, Electrolux, KOHLER, and many leading creative enterprises have attended. The country's largest park for creative industries -- Zhangjiang cultural & creative industrial park will also organize a pavilion to join. Various domestic and foreign design agencies, design & art institutions and service agencies of creative industries will be present, too. In addition, series of events such as "1M2" students creative works practice, creative industries forum, "Creative Tour" will also be held at the same time.

Meanwhile, several countries' general consulates in Shanghai, a large number of foreign-rooted institutions, departments, and industry associations are also actively cooperating with the organizing committee, providing a wealth of information and help on the exhibition publicity and professional visitor's arrangement.

Exciting Series Events

-- "1M2" students creative works practice

"1M2" students creative works practice is a students and young designers oriented interactive program. It is composed of three parts:

1. Students' creative works collection, selection and presentation;

2. Brain Storm of Design: Creative path to the future -- comments on the

winning entries. Inviting award-winning authors to present the

commercial value and design ideas of their winning works, and then

inviting an expert team composed of design directors, entrepreneurs,

professors and psychologists to make comments on the winning entries.

3. Global Design Training Camp -- a designer training program run by

world-renowned design companies

Besides having students' artwork awards, presentations and communications, "1M2" creates a new mode for human resources: interaction between young designers, enterprises and famous experts for creative design perfection and commercialization.

-- Creative Industries Forum

Focusing on the theme of "Design, Technology, Life," the organizing committee of Creation Expo will invite experts from world-renowned enterprises and design institutions to launch a series of dialogues on HR & education, design and R & D, intellectual property protection, etc.

The themes of forum include:

-- Design innovation and the protection of intellectual property

-- Environment for innovation and creative industries

-- Brain Storm of Design: Creative path to the future -- comments on the

winning entries

The forum has well-known experts in attendance with keynote speeches.

-- "Creative Tour"

The organizing committee of Creation Expo will unite famous creative industrial parks to organize an event called "Creative Tour -- Shanghai Famous Creative Industrial Parks Tour" at the same time as the exhibition. The exhibitors and visitors of Creation Expo will have the opportunities to have a look at those famous Creative Industrial Parks in Shanghai, to enjoy the flavor of those parks in person, experience Shanghai's flourishing development of creative industries economy.

In the near future, the International Creative Industry Exhibition Shanghai, China will become a platform to promote communications between domestic and international creative industries, realize the connection of the value chain, and demonstrate successful cases in the creative industries.

The 2008 International Creative Industries Exhibition Shanghai, China is going to be held during 20th-23rd October 2008 in the INTEX Shanghai. Preparations have already begun. The 2008 Creation Expo will pay more attention to the international creative industries institutions and enterprises, and devote more effort to promoting the connections throughout the value chain of creative industries.

About Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (SIEC)

Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd. (SIEC) is jointly invested in by Shanghai World Expo (Group) Co., Ltd. and the Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Shanghai. The SIEC was founded on July 1st, 1984 with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation and the People's Government of Shanghai Municipality.

The SIEC is a full member of Union des Foires Internationales (UFI). The SIEC has held 500 international exhibitions of various themes and sizes. It also has successfully held a number of solo exhibitions at national level.

"AUTO SHANGHAI", "SHANGHAITEX", "CHINA CYCLE", "FASHION SHANGHAI", "ELE/PT COMM CHINA" are among the first eight exhibitions approved excellent by The Evaluation Committee of Shanghai Conventional & Exhibition Industries.

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