VII Beauty Celebrates the 255th Anniversary of the Birth of Byrne Victor (1758--1826) the Founder of VIIcode

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NEW YORK, December 2, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- December 2, 2013, was the 255th anniversary of the birth of Byrne Victor, the founder of VIIcode. A banquet of commemoration was held in the VII Identity Club of New York, Fifth Avenue, on Nov. 28, 2013. The classic black and noble yellow of Byrne Victor's best love was the main color for the banquet, which recognized Byrne Victor's "Ageless Mythology", once exclusively reserved for Queen Josephine. With every woman encouraged to own her beauty, the celebration highlighted VIIcode's over two centuries of culture and evoked deeply cherished memories of Byrne Victor.

255th Anniversary of the Birth of Byrne Victor (1758--1826), the Founder of VIIcode.  (PRNewsFoto/VII Beauty LLC (
255th Anniversary of the Birth of Byrne Victor (1758--1826), the Founder of VIIcode. (PRNewsFoto/VII Beauty LLC (

During the banquet, Dr. Nicklas of Byrne Victor Laboratory demonstrated the creation process of "Ageless Mythology" for the first time, and also showed a dozen kinds of rare plants, which were found by Byrne Victor during his travels around the world. Such plants included the Vadaniya from the Alps; the hundred orchids from the desert of African Angola; the Resurrection Fern from Italy; the Limonium wrightii from Fishing Island of China, and more. Then, the biochemist Dr. Trudeau restored the historical moment of "Ageless Mythology" through experiments. He also shared an interesting secret: After tens of years of hard experiments, Dr. Byrne Victor achieved the success of oxygen extraction of plants extracts. With no exclamation, he just took a deep breath and made a "V" sign to express his inner ecstasy at that moment.

The audience was amazed by the first public appearance of the doctor's plant grinding apparatus.

When the banquet neared the end, a Mr. Alston, a descendant of Byrne Victor, spoke of the belief treasured in the hearts of Victor's family descendants, one repeatedly told by Byrne Victor until his last moment: Let everyone enjoy beauty. Alston said, Byrne Victor had a congenital skin disease, which he spent most of his life fighting. Well-aware of the suffering of others, his greatest wish was that others could be disease-free and enjoy the surprises of a beautiful life. But his special formula for beauty, "Ageless Mythology", was bestowed exclusively upon Queen Josephine, and it was required that it could not be made public before her death.

Alston said they have already brought "Ageless Mythology" to prestigious ladies through the VII Identity Club, and have also tried to spread this beauty to more people who love beauty, for this will commemorate Byrne Victor's work and complete the desire of his dream.

To commemorate Byrne Victor's outstanding contribution to Human Beauty, the Jewish Community of VII Identity Club said they will apply for the U.S. Postal Service to issue a Stamp Album of the "255th Anniversary of the birth of Byrne Victor".

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