VODONE Limited's Chairman and ABAC Representative, Dr. Zhang Lijun, Interviewed by Joint News Media

2008-11-21 17:08 1023

HONG KONG, Nov. 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VODONE Limited ("VODONE" or the "Group") (SEHK code: 0082), an online media service provider with the leasehold of a complete set of internet business and internet video broadcasting licenses in China, is pleased to announce that the Chairman of the Group, Dr. Zhang Lijun, the China representative of APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC), and the Director of China APEC Development Council, did a joint media interview with TV Peru and six news media of Hong Kong on 20 November 2008 (Peru time).

With the APEC Leaders Summit firstly being held in Peru, TV Peru interviewed the representatives over various issues, including the understanding of the economy, culture, transport, local customs and practices in Peru, as well as plans to invest in Peru, a country with plentiful mineral products. Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of the Group said, "The president of Peru has given a speech which comprehensively introduces the development foundations, policies and resources of Peru, expressing a sincere welcome and hope for overseas investors to invest in Peru. I can feel the enthusiasm and hospitality of Peruvians through attending this APEC Summit. Peru has a great amount of resources, such as petroleum and natural gases, etc. I believe this summit will make more people understand Peru, hence invest in Peru."

Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of the Group also did an interview with the joint Hong Kong media. Dr. Zhang has expounded his own views on the following issues, for example: the role of China on giving an impetus to the economy of APEC allied countries; the importance of cooperation among the APEC allied countries; the importance of this summit under the financial crisis; the ways that China cooperates with other developing countries to counteract the economic downturn through this summit; and the expectation of exchanging opinions and reaching consensus on economic aspects in this summit, etc.

Participating media include TV Peru, Phoenix Satellite Television, Wu Xian Satellite Television, Broadband Satellite Television, Radio Television Hong Kong, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, and China Review Agency, etc.

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