VODONE Limited (SEHK: 0082) Announces Chairman Zhang Lijun Honored as 'Leaders of China's Creative Industries' & VODONE Obtains 'Outstanding Contribution to China's Creative Industries Award'

2009-01-05 20:21 805

HONG KONG, Jan. 5 /PRNewswire-Asia-FirstCall/ -- VODONE Limited ("VODONE" or the "Group") (SEHK code: 0082), a leading online media services provider with the leasehold of a complete set of internet business and internet video broadcasting licenses in China, is pleased to announce that the chairman of the board of directors of the Group, Zhang Lijun, has been awarded the "Leaders of China's Creative Industries" award in the "3rd China's Creative Industries Annual Award Presentation Ceremony 2008." VODONE has also obtained the "Outstanding Contribution to China's Creative Industries Award."

Dr. Zhang Lijun, chairman of the board of directors of the Group, said, "I am pleased to receive the two awards. They recognize the work and contribution of the Group's management team and I towards the online broadcasting domain in China in the past. The Group will continue to infuse new elements into China's online broadcasting domain as well as produce more innovative online broadcasting programmes to give an impetus to the development of China's creative industries."

The "3rd China's Creative Industries Annual Award Presentation Ceremony 2008" was held on 19 December 2008. The appraisal and selection of the annual awards lasted for 6 months, where the investigation covered every creative city in China and various industries as well. A further 8 awards that were distributed during the ceremony include: the "International Contribution Award", the "Development and Achievement Award", the "Industries Advancement Award", and the "Best Park Award." Renowned director, Zhang Yimou; the contemporary cultural scholar in China, Yu Qiuyu; and chairman of the Founder Group, Wei Xin, all received cultural celebrities and business tycoon related awards at the ceremony.

About VODONE Limited (SEHK:0082)

VODone Telemedia Co. Ltd., a strategic partner of VODONE Limited (0082.HK), is the first and leading online video media group in China. It is also the only enterprise in China to own a complete set of licenses to operate video broadcasting on the Internet. VODone Telemedia has contracted the technical and promotional services to VODONE Group, for 50 years. VODONE is a new media which includes the internet, telecommunications and media as well as the first new media which operates online advertisement broadcasting and live online shows. With the perfect communication and media operational experience and a professional team with technical expertise in interviewing, editing, producing and broadcasting, VODONE has become the online video-broadcasting platform for various video media. VODONE's business is divided into four segments, including "VODone Portal", "VODone Live", "VODone BUS", and "VODone WAP".

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