VODone Announces its Major Involvement in the Remake of the Chinese Classic, The Water Margin

VODone Limited
2007-10-31 00:12 1410

HONG KONG, Oct. 30 /Xinhua-PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- VODone Limited ("VODone") (stock code: 82.HK), a leading telemedia service provider in China, announces the launch of a new TV series based on the Chinese classic fiction -- The Water Margin. A star-studded press conference was held in Beijing on 29 October 2007 announcing the remake of The Water Margin, which will be jointly broadcast by VODone and Anhui Satellite TV. Renowned Chinese director Mr. Wu Ziniu led a team of 40 well-known celebrities at the press conference. The event also brought together several famous agencies and production houses from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea.

As the executive producer of the remake of The Water Margin, VODone provides the project with solid financial and technical support, as well as the official Water Margin website ( ), and an online voting platform for the general public. At the press conference, Dr. Zhang Lijun, Chairman of VODone delivered a speech on behalf of the Company to unveil the impressive cast of The Water Margin.

VODone's investment initiative carries deep cultural meaning. The Water Margin is a treasure trove of Chinese culture that has captivated two billion Chinese people around the world. The project also has enormous commercial significance due to its broad coverage of a wide variety of markets. The TV series will give birth to a multitude of upstream and downstream businesses, including games, animation, books and art products. In addition, the 108 heroes of The Water Margin will act as spokesmen for the TV series. Together with the pre-launch promotion campaign, The Water Margin is expected to generate attractive advertising revenue. The TV series is also expected to help promote the travel and property industries.

Commenting on the project, Dr. Zhang said, "We hope to introduce to the international scene the intangible assets of The Water Margin and its unique image that represents classical Chinese culture. The remake of The Water Margin has all the trappings of success: director Wu Ziniu's perfectionism and pragmatism, Anhui Satellite TV's deep involvement, Ji Xiang Ru Yi Media's intense support, a star-studded cast as well as VODone's vast online broadcasting network. The TV series is poised to achieve phenomenal success."

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In September 2006, upon the completion of the buy-sell agreement between Dr. Zhang Lijun and VODone Limited, Vodone Datamedia Technology Co., Ltd. and subsidiaries of VODone Limited collaborated to further develop the telemedia service business. Capital Market funds were deployed creating support and laying a solid capital foundation for the development of VODone Limited. Vodone telemedia supports the broadcast of financial information, entertainment, sports and lifestyle programs through multimedia on the platforms of leading Internet and telecom network operators. Vodone's telemedia streaming video programs can be accessed all over the world, around the clock through the online video portals.

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