Vistra Group Launches New Brand Identity

Better Synergy, Stronger Connectivity and Greater Global Reach
Vistra Group
2015-01-19 17:01 3461

HONG KONG and LONDON, Jan. 19, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Vistra Group, one of the world's leading corporate service providers of international incorporations, trust, fiduciary and fund administration services, today announced the launch of a refreshed brand that unites Vistra and OIL, the group's main internationally operated brands under the same family. The new brand heralds an exciting new chapter in the Group's strategic development and culminates four years of successful integration and formalises the connections that all the member companies share.

Under the new brand, Vistra and OIL remain as distinct and complementary brands operating separately but with a strong linkage between them symbolising the integrated way in which the group operates. Additional brands joining the Group as a result of various acquisitions will also follow the new brand hierarchy depending on their market position.

  • Following the acquisition of Trinity Corporate Services, the leading corporate services provider in Central and Eastern Europe, in November last year, Trinity becomes integrated with Vistra under this new brand.
  • TAKA will continue to operate under its current name but be brought under the new brand identity.
  • NovaSage, which is also part of the Vistra Group, will continue to operate under its own brand identity and will be identified as "a Vistra Group Company".

Martin Crawford, Chief Executive Officer of Vistra Group, said, "Coming together at this time helps us to be more than the sum of our parts -- for our clients, our people and our investors. Having Vistra, OIL, TAKA and NovaSage under a single Group name reinforces the linkages between our businesses and demonstrates to the industry that Vistra Group is united by one story. Vistra Group now provides a better connectivity between Asia, Europe and the rest of the world. In addition, the Group's wide access to deep specialist knowledge will help us deliver expert solutions globally and swiftly."

The rebrand comes at a time when the industry is facing an evolving environment where doing business across international borders provides great opportunities, but at the cost of complexity. While the fundamental role of corporate services, trust, fiduciary and fund administration services in facilitating the global financial supply chain, including international trade, capital efficiency and asset management is being better recognised, recent regulatory changes have also encouraged the industry to embrace tighter regulations, more transparency and a higher degree of professionalism.

Under such context, Vistra Group predicts that industry consolidation among service providers is inevitable, and Vistra Group is well positioned to cement its position as one of the "Big Four" among global corporate service providers. Rebranding now presents an excellent opportunity to showcase the depth, breadth and power of the combined group as clients demonstrate a real flight to quality.

"The Group's combined synergies in cross industry knowledge sharing and robust compliance structure gives us the ability to flex up our offer to meet the ever increasing demands of doing business across international borders," Mr. Crawford added, "With a globally recognised and stronger B2B brand, our scale in the industry creates a distinct competitive advantage for us. Through integration, we can now benefit from seamless end-to-end services and the greater global reach, and hence provide an even more competitive offering to clients. Our Group versatility from execution to tailored solutions sets us apart. Under the Vistra Group brand, we are confident that each of our group companies will thrive and together, will deliver consistent growth."

About Vistra Group

Vistra Group, ranked among the top four service providers globally, is a versatile group providing a uniquely broad range of services and solutions, from international incorporations, to trust, fiduciary and fund administration services.

As a leading global player with expert industry knowledge and location specialists, Vistra has a deep understanding of the professional worlds of our clients and a proven record of offering highly versatile solutions, providing the people, processes and products that help our clients get the most from their international business.

OIL is the leader in international incorporations and related services. OIL has over 25 years of success in maximising and leveraging strong and close partnerships with clients and intermediaries, facilitating their business development and navigating jurisdictions globally. With highly experienced professionals, rigorous processes and leading technical teams, OIL is the trusted choice for clients and business partners in the coverage of jurisdictions worldwide.

Comprising of two key brands, Vistra and OIL, we employ over 1,300 professionals across 32 jurisdictions.

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