Wealth Index Capital Group Holds Conference to Bridge Overseas Capital Markets for Chinese Enterprises

2007-02-05 14:11 1006

BEIJING, Feb. 5 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Wealth Index Capital Group LLC, a premier corporate finance consultant, announced today the successful completion of their conference, "A Bridge to Overseas Capital Markets for Chinese Enterprises." Held at the Shangri-La Hotel in Beijing, the conference was aimed at SMEs, entrepreneurs, solicitors, professional accountants and officers from the National Development and Reform Commission, State Council and China Securities Depository & Clearing. During the conference, Dr. Bill Wong, General Manager of Wealth Index Capital Group LLC, systematically introduced and compared current international capital markets to the 300-large audience.

Dr. Wong stated, "Through 30 years of economic reform, China's economy has been playing a more and more significant role in the global economic arena. This dramatic and long-term economic growth cannot be separated from the financial support received from both international and domestic capital. However, for most of China's privately run firms, obtaining domestic capital is comparatively difficult, even more so when you note that domestic capital resources are insufficient. In regards to overseas capital, although China has been taking huge efforts to improve its financing reform, the lack of appropriate legislations has resulted in most international capital not leveraging quickly enough, and this situation does not look like changing any time soon.

"Behind the scenes, China's SMEs, the most dynamic economic sector, are facing more opportunities and challenges than ever before. On the one hand, the international market has been implying that there is a huge business potential, however, on the other hand, the issue of insufficient financial support and inadequate financing methods are stunting that growth potential. The biggest issues that are now facing entrepreneurs who have long-term development strategies is how to legally and effectively obtain sufficient capital from overseas and who can help to comprehensively introduce the right overseas capital markets," explained Dr. Wong.

Finally, Dr. Wong addressed the fact that enterprises entering international capital markets are being seen more favourably in China under the current circumstances. The earlier enterprises do it, the more optimal the benefit will be to them. However, like any other flotation, the enterprises must have a professional and experienced team to guide the whole undertaking. Without a comprehensive view of the target market and enterprise itself, any misleading information or overhasty decision will irreversibly result in a huge risk and probable loss for the company.

About Wealth Index Group

Wealth Index Capital Group (Beijing) is composed of many returned overseas specialists. Based on their professional, financial, legal and management skills in corporate finance, and their familiarity of domestic SMEs, the company aims to be a bridge to overseas capital markets for Chinese enterprises.

Last year, the company published a book called "A Guide for SMEs Overseas and HK Floatation." Many entrepreneurs now see this book as a necessary guide for their overseas flotation. Since its launch, media like CCTV, SINA and Hunan Satellite TV have invited the company's experts to attend many of their programs in respect to the flotation of Chinese enterprises overseas.

During the last two years, Wealth Index has assisted nearly 20 SMEs successfully obtain financial support from the US and UK markets, as well as holding many training conferences. Over 2,000 SME entrepreneurs have attended the Company's training programs. Wealth Index's professional attitude and performance have been accepted by not only the entrepreneurs but also the government, also seeing them being invited to host many official meetings.

Currently, the company is cooperating with the LSE, KSX and HKEx. Over 10 SMEs have appointed the company to be their corporate finance consultant for their overseas listing events.

Source: Wealth Index Capital Group LLC