World's First Webmail-Integrated Proofreading and Translation Solution by Ready in Time for Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

2007-11-17 02:23 698

CULEMBORG, Netherlands, Nov. 20 /Xinhua-PRNewswire/ -- Today launches a brand new release that provides the world's first webmail-integrated proofreading and translation service for speakers and learners of Chinese or English. Chinglish was already providing the only webmail solution that allows users to switch and translate between simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, and English at the click of a mouse. The new Chinglish release supplements this high-tech infrastructure with a one of its kind human proofreading and translation service.

High-tech framework with Chinese and English proofreading and translation

Because Chinese is becoming an increasingly important language in the realms of international business, study, and tourism, integrated a user-friendly proofreading and translation service to its portal. With this innovative feature, continues to narrow the communication gap between China and the rest of the world. The service works by simply clicking the button "Proofread" after composing an email in Chinese or English. A proofread version of the message is delivered to the user within 24 hours. The new Chinglish release also comes with a human translation service. Requests can be submitted to the system without forms to fill out. Translations are promptly delivered to the user's email account. This saves the trouble of communicating through a consultant or translation agency. All Chinglish proofreaders and translators are native speakers of Chinese or English. To utilize these services, users simply open a jade account. Credits are automatically deducted from this account uponcompletion of each proofreading or translation request.

Unique set of Chinese-English communication tools is a Chinese-English communication website built around a proprietary bilingual email system. Besides the new professional proofreading and translation service, the unique features include free machine translations and bilingual email accounts, email addresses with names in Chinese characters, single sign-on forums, and a web-based input method editor. The latter allows users to write emails in Chinese outside of China. The Chinglish mission is to make Chinese-English communication easy by providing a broad range of user-friendly online communication tools.