World's Leading Online Family Platform Babytree from China Announced Offline Plans for Childcare

In China, when asking a mom about her parenting secrets, she will often refer to Babytree
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BEIJING, Dec. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- GES (Global Education Summit) 2017 Future Education Conference was held in Beijing on November 28-29, 2017. The participants of the conference included leading characters of Chinese education industry, officers and business elites of the educational technology fields within China and overseas. Former U.S. President Barack Obama was invited to the conference to give a keynote speechPresident Obama consideres early childhood education a key to lifelong education and he anticipates a sharp rise in early childhood education investment in the near future. Mr. Allen Wang, the Founder and CEO of Babytree, was invited to the conference as a representative of China's maternal and infant family service industry. He elaborated his vision towards the future of early childhood education among young Chinese families, and announced that as the largest maternal and infant online community, Babytree has planned to enter into the offline market by means of opening a large number of offline community play centers. Allen introduced Babytree to President Barack Obama, as well as early childhood education development and household development in China during the conference.

Allen Wang, the Founder and CEO of Babytree, is giving a speech at GES 2017 Future Education Conference
Allen Wang, the Founder and CEO of Babytree, is giving a speech at GES 2017 Future Education Conference

There are 20 million children born every year in China. Mothers and children are the core of millions of families. The demands of those young families are greatly upgrading, which promotes the rapid development of the maternal and infant family service industry in China. Allen has said that Babytree would help the young families who pursue the good quality of life to deal with problems like imbalances between supply and demand of education resources, imbalances between consumption and supply of medical resources, etc. Babytree has determined to enter into the new business territory of early childhood education and C2M (Costumer to Manufacturer).

Babytree, the maternity and infant website ( was launched in 2007. In August 2007, Babytree was listed by as one of the "Ten Most Striking Business Models". April 2013, Alexa Data showed that Babytree surpassed the American mother and baby community Babycenter, and was ranked first in the world. It has become the most popular and most visited vertical maternity and infant online community world wide.

Over the last ten years, Babytree has built an Internet-based platform that does not rigidly adhere to the Internet, but precisely meets the needs of young families for education, sociality, child development tracking and consumption. Babytree's goal is to help the young mothers to better enjoy their family life. At the same time, Babytree has accumulated a large amount of big data related to young Chinese families - from children to adults. What's more, Babytree has established a credible and warm brand that has gained the trust of many mothers in China.

The MAU (Monthly Active Users) of Babytree has reached 200 million, numerous families are influenced by Babytree, both within China and abroad. A U.S. mom shared a video from Babytree WeTime through Facebook, which has aroused widespread attention over the Internet. The video was about the story of a little baby named Titi, fighting King Kong, and was uploaded by his father onto Babytree WeTime.

Babytree is moving towards the world with an open confident stance at a firm pace, and will bring a happier life to the young families in the world. When asked about the operations over the last decade, Allen stated, "This career shows our original intentions, it is also a profound mission."

About Babytree

Babytree is a leading provider of maternal and infant family services in China. It is committed to build a member club that focuses on meeting the upgrading consumption needs of young families, meeting the needs of Chinese mothers and young families for knowledge acquisition, exchange and networking, growth recording and consumption. Thus, young Chinese mothers can better enjoy their family life after pregnancy.

By deepening the main needs of users, Babytree has gradually become a giant Internet platform for mothers and babies, and it covers business territories including Internet community, commercial services (covering commodities, early childhood education, health, finance, tourism, family services, etc.), original contents and KOL matrix. Its main brands and products include:, a vertical community website for mothers and babies; Babytree Pregnancy, an APP designed for mothers to learn scientific childcare knowledge and to exchange and make friends; Babytree WeTime, an APP designed for families to record and share their baby's growth and family life; Meitunmama, an e-commerce APP that adopts the mode of "community + e-commerce".

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