Wulian Group's Announcements Regarding the Statement in the Email from ZigBee Alliance Chairman

NANJING, China, October 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Tobin J. M. Richardson, chairman of ZigBee Alliance, allegedly emailed a Chinese and English announcement to more than 400 ZigBee Alliance members and interested stakeholders on Oct. 20th, 2014, in which he claims that Chinese enterprise "Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd." (hereinafter referred to as "Wulian Group") has been inaccurately and intentionally misadvertising its products as being "ZigBee Certified."

Now, this news has produced negative effects on Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. ("Wulian Group") and its partners. Therefore, Wulian Group hereto releases the following announcements:

  1. Wulian Group is the legal holder of the "ZigBee" trademark (Category 7, Category 11) recognized by Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO).
  2. Wulian Group has never publicized that Wulian Group's products have been certified by ZigBee Alliance.
  3. ZigBee Alliance established its "ZigBee Alliance China Regional Headquarters" in Wulian Group's Shanghai office in 2012. Wulian Group has never claimed that Wulian Group has represented ZigBee Alliance on any occasion. Wulian Group only has used the "ZigBee Alliance China Regional Headquarters" title in some promotional materials. We believe it's not improper to use the title, and Wulian Group has never received any written objection from ZigBee Alliance.
  4. Wulian Group will investigate the legitimacy of the ZigBee trademark on foreign products that have entered or will enter the China market, and will reserve the right of pursuing the protection afforded under China's trademark laws.
  5. Wulian Group demands ZigBee Alliance to withdraw the inappropriate remarks and eliminate the adverse effects initiatively.

Since this year, Mr. Osbourne, the chairman of ZigBee Alliance Board, and Mr. Richardson, the chairman of ZigBee Alliance have negotiated repeatedly on the promotion of ZigBee technology in the China market and the ownership of ZigBee trademarks with Mr. Zhu Jungang, the Co-founder & CEO of Wulian Group and his negotiation team. Wulian Group has emphasized several times that Wulian Group is willing to contribute to the global unity and authority of ZigBee trademarks. However, ZigBee Alliance allegedly insists that Wulian Group transfers the ZigBee trademarks to ZigBee Alliance unconditionally. This is unreasonable. Wulian Group thinks that these ZigBee trademarks are Chinese intellectual property acquired by Wulian Group as per Chinese laws via a legal way and in the country of China. These trademarks should belong to the enterprises, institutions, or alliances that are registered in China, or the branches that are founded by the Chinese relative authorities. However, this reasonable requirement was allegedly refused by ZigBee Alliance Board.

With the rapid development of IoT (Internet of Things) and the smart home industry, ZigBee technology is facing fierce competition from WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies. Therefore, each ZigBee member company and related enterprises should unite and make full use of ZigBee technology to enhance market confidence in ZigBee technology. At this crucial market promotion moment, as the chairman of ZigBee Alliance, Mr. Tobin not only allegedly failed to concentrate on the strong challenge of Bluetooth, Wifi, and other technologies, but wasted precious time and energy in criticizing Wulian Group who has made great contributions to the popularization and promotion of ZigBee technology. For that, we are deeply confused and regretful.

As a company that has been dedicated to the research and promotion of ZigBee technology for years, Wulian Group is and will still be an important stakeholder of ZigBee technology. Wulian Group understands that the unity, authority, and uniqueness of the ZigBee trademark are very important to ZigBee Alliance member companies and other stakeholders. Wulian Group doesn't want to see the split of ZigBee supporters or any adverse information related to ZigBee since any damage to ZigBee's reputation will hurt Wulian Group as well. Wulian Group is still sincerely hoping that ZigBee Alliance will consult with Wulian Group and relevant Chinese government departments about the legal usage of ZigBee trademarks and product certification in rational methods. Wulian Group also hopes ZigBee product suppliers who plan to enter the Chinese market will use "ZigBee" marks with caution and contact us actively to discuss the authorization of legal usage of ZigBee trademarks in China. Wulian Group also welcomes ZigBee product suppliers who plan to enter the Chinese market to contact us and discuss the trademark usage authorization. Meanwhile, Wulian Group has appealed to Chinese Trademark Office (CTMO) and other related judicial departments to protect Chinese enterprises' legal rights, and make sure that intellectual property gets its due respect.

With the constant rise of new technology, global competition has become even more intense and complicated. Wulian Group is willing to cooperate closely with partners as always to make contribution to IoT and smart home development as well as intellectual property protection.

Nanjing IOT Sensor Technology Co., Ltd. ("Wulian Group")
October 24, 2014

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