Wuyue E-commerce Kicks Off Worldwide Agents and Suppliers Recruiting Work

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SHENZHEN, China, January 1, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Wuyue E-commerce kicks off its worldwide agents and suppliers recruiting work on January 1, 2015, with a goal of building a network of 300 product suppliers and 50,000 agents within one year. The company is dedicated to building a start-up platform for internet businesses and their clients as well as establishing a comprehensive supply chain system for product supply, quality inspection, logistics and distribution, after-sale service in addition to e-commerce training and market support for new entrepreneurs, supporting a growing group of entrepreneurs in achieving their business dreams.

Wuyue founder Jason Wang created the brand on September 16, 2013, then, relying on his rich experience in running micro e-commerce businesses on user-generated content platforms, within the following year established six corporate entities and built out the Wuyue E-commerce platform. . At present, Wuyue has a total assets valuation for its e-commerce platforms and corporate entities of approximately 10 million yuan (approx. US$1.6 million). At the same time, Wang also leveraged user-generated content platforms to encourage and assist more than 200 entrepreneurs in starting their own businesses and eventually becoming agents for Wuyue. The brand has more than 50 quality product supplier partners around the world across multiple sectors, including cosmetics, apparel, agricultural products, healthcare items, maternal supplies and household goods.

Mobile has become an increasingly popular channel among and the top choice for a number of entrepreneurs. Due to the low barrier to market entry and needed amount of start-up capital, micro business has become the first choice for ambitious entrepreneurs in first-tier and even second and third-tier cities across China. However, due to the multiplicity of internet platforms, cut-throat price wars, massive surplus of product, lack of name brand goods and the general lack of competence in terms of operating a business among the majority of startup entrepreneurs, most of the businesses fail with few succeeding. Wuyue E-commerce provides a complete suite of support services including training, instructions in how to become an agent, daily information, a wide selection of products, quality testing, logistics and distribution as well as marketing, ensuring each entrepreneur trying a hand at this form of business access to powerful platform support, providing them with access to the tools they need to help them succeed.

About Wuyue

Established on September 16, 2013, Wuyue consists of seven subsidiaries including Wuyue E-commerce, Shenzhen Wuyue Linke Seaside Inn, Wuyue Liumaitong Health Club and Wuyue Coffeehouse. All the subsidiaries, relying on mobile as the main marketing and promotion channel, have, in combination, become a leading e-commerce platform in Shenzhen.

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