Xinhua Finance Grants Scholarships to Students of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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SHANGHAI, China, June 28 /Xinhua-PRNewswire / -- Xinhua Finance Limited (“XFL”; TSE Mothers: 9399; OTC ADRs: XHFNY), China’s premier financial information and media service provider, yesterday granted the Xinhua Finance Scholarship to three postgraduates at the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (“SUFE”). The Xinhua Finance Scholarship was established with the aim of supporting Chinese college students who demonstrate moral fortitude, scholastic achievement and financial need as they complete their studies. In attendance at the awards ceremony were Xinhua Finance COO Mr. Daniel Connell, Asia Managing Director Mr. Andrew Miller, Deputy Party Secretary of SUFE Professor Sun Hai-ming, Assistant Dean of School of Finance Professor Zhou Ji-zhong, as well as scores of students of SUFE.

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In a formal address delivered at the ceremony, Mr. Connell praised Shanghai University of Finance and Economics for the spirit of education and advancement which it fosters. He said, “Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is a top financial academy with a rich history and under the direct supervision of China’s Ministry of Education. We are delighted to provide scholarship to students at this highly respected university, which has cultivated generations of talent in China and made tremendous contributions to China’s overall economic development. Since our founding in 1999, Xinhua Finance has worked diligently to introduce China’s financial information and services that meet the internationally-proven standards, thereby enhancing market transparency and efficiency. Now, it is our great pleasure to be able to join hands with Shanghai University of Finance and Economics in this humble effort to foster talent and promote progress within China’s financial market.”

Professor Sun Hai-ming expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the granting of the Xinhua Finance Scholarship on their campus. He said, “It is commendable that Xinhua Finance, a pioneer in China’s financial information and media industries, has offered its generous support to education in China while continually expanding its businesses. This scholarship does not just allow students of character, merit and financial need the peace of mind to immerse themselves in their coursework, it encourage their continued passion for learning and public service.”

As a financial information company, Xinhua Finance is thoroughly aware of the importance of information, knowledge and talent. Accordingly, as it promotes the development of China’s financial markets, it also heeds the call for good corporate citizenship, in effect contributing to the nurturing of talent for the Chinese market.

With origin tracing back to 1917, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE) is a highly prestigious institute of higher learning in China and a widely recognized source of outstanding economists and business managers. SUFE has developed an educational model that emphasizes the cultivation of expertise and professionalism in finance, economics and management that is global-mined, broad-based and pragmatically-oriented. Currently under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education of China, SUFE is committed to fulfilling its mission as an advanced centre for research and academia.

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