YOHO! Group: Adrianne Ho Joins Hands with NIGO(R) to Introduce Personal Website into China

SHANGHAI, September 23, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- From September 15 to 17, 2016, leader of China's fashion ecosphere, YOHO! Group, held the Fourth YO'HOOD Global Trendy New Products Carnival in Shanghai. Over 50,000 trendy people from all walks of life attended the three-day event, including brand owner-principals, stars and celebrities, and trend followers. Adrianne Ho, No. 1 goddess of the trend circle, a Canadian super model of a Chinese and Canadian mix, also appeared at the scene, frequently interacting with numerous top trendy brands.

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Sport goddess Adrianne Ho is popular in the trend circle for her charming mixed-blood face and handsome figure, healthy image and unique street trend style. Many Chinese fans pay attention to Adrianne Ho's daily looks through INSTAGRAM. Her Sina blog has also accumulated tremendous fans. During this YO'HOOD trip, Adrianne Ho met with NIGO®, chief creative officer of YOHO!, visited MADNESS, a store of YOHO! Spokesperson Shawn Yue's, attended Japanese trend master Jun Takahashi's MADSTORE-UNDERCOVER first themed trend show, and took selfies with Chinese fans during intimate interaction. Adrianne Ho indicated during the interview her expectation to cooperate with NIGO® as well as STAPLE's owner-principal Jeff Staple. She also expressed her willingness to introduce her own website SWEAT THE STYLE into China.

YO'HOOD has become widely known by trendy people on the global scale. Owner-principals of HOOD BY AIR, VFILES and many other brands have flied to Shanghai for YO'HOOD immediately after finishing the brand show at New York Fashion Week and they will head for London Fashion Week afterwards. Owner-principals such as JOYRICH, KTZ, STUSSY and STAPLE personally showed up at the activity scenes and shared their trend experiences. By virtue of YOHO!'s influence and appeal in the global trend circle, this year's YO'HOOD has gathered over 150 trendy brands, a record high in history. In addition to the first-tier trendy brands such as HOOD BY AIR, HUMAN MADE, JOYRICH, KTZ, STUSSY, UNDEFEATED and VFILES, many brands have joined YO'HOOD trendy camp for the first time, including ANDREA CREWS, CRIMINAL DAMAGE, P.A.M., SATURDAYS SURF NYC, STAPLE, MADSTORE UNDERCOVER, UEG, MAHARISHI and MINOTAUR.

China's trendy new power is also developing in a way not to be underestimated. Chinese trendy people are endeavoring to display Chinese designs to the whole world by means of practical actions. They are trying to make achievements and influence trendy directions. Shawn Yue, a Chinese actor, singer and famous trend icon, officially announced joining YOHO! right at YO'HOOD, becoming a spokesperson together with the former EXO Captain, famous actor and singer Kris. It is a mark that YOHO! has formally entered the new era of dual spokespersons. Meanwhile, many stars have attended this event, including Ashin, lead singer of the famous band Mayday and owner-principal of STAYREAL, SANKUANZ, SANKUANZ brand founder and a world-renowned emerging designer, and Wyman, a famous crossover lyricist from Hong Kong. Moreover, JJ Lin, a famous musician and SMG owner-principal who had recently won "Best Foreign Language Song Award" of "Pensado Awards", launched a song specially created for YO'HOOD at the activity scene. During the event, besides introducing their own brands and new products, they took the opportunity to thoroughly communicate with top trendy brands in an effort to seek a future trendy development orientation. On the other hand, owing to the influence of these stars, celebrities, owner-principals and designers in China and other Asian regions, leading brands have enjoyed massive attention and exposure. It's thus easier for them to be accepted by Chinese consumers.

The annual YO'HOOD Global Trendy New Products Carnival not only transmits trendy culture throughout China but also serves as a platform for Chinese trend practitioners and lovers to spread Chinese trendy culture to the world. Along with the continual expansion of China's trend market and the rise of Chinese young people's trend awareness, more and more trendy brands and trend icons have recognized the enormous potential of the Chinese market and are competing to cooperate with YOHO!. They hope to come into "closer contact" with Chinese consumers through YOHO!'s mature online and offline integrated trend marketing platform that features media, retail and event as the carrier as well as its great influence.

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