Yellow Pages Shows Up on the Internet in Over 170 Countries

2010-08-11 05:05 1737
    SAO PAULO, Aug. 11 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- The new Yellow Pages Global group, a Yellow Pages worldwide group, launches on August 17, the largest online corporate portal of all time. By aligning the centenary notion of the expression "yellow pages" with the Internet's extraordinary potential, this new generation innovates by putting 170 web portals B2B in 170 countries, integrated worldwide by the same search engine. These local portals are addressed on the World Wide Web by the global expression "YellowPages (followed by the country's name).net".

    With this initiative, Yellow Pages Global accomplishes a mission that was supported by worldwide organizations, such as the YPA (Yellow Pages Association), of which it is an associate, which looks forward to Yellow Pages reclaiming first place in the rankings of company directories and outlets on the World Wide Web. Yellow Pages' leadership happened during the print era, but lost ground significantly after the coming of the digital era. Daniel Magalhaes, founding partner of Yellow Pages Global, notes: "Estimates show that the new portal will increase Yellow Pages' online footprint to 23%, which is currently represented by only 7% in the World Wide Web, connecting more than 50 million companies in its database with users from more than 220 countries in its first year."

    Beyond a simple directory of companies, the new will provide Internet users with organized corporate information from suppliers of products and services from more than 170 countries around the world by using a smart system, which is integrated and easy to browse. The system will be completely optimized for the main search engines and integrated with social media.

    Innovation does not stop there. Unlike the traditional mission of Yellow Pages which is to provide users with results for local businesses, such as drugstores, shoe stores, restaurants and so on; the focus for this new group is different: to connect local business to the global market, thus opening an extraordinary window of opportunities, mainly for the small and midsized enterprises (SMEs), providing worldwide visibility and penetration of new markets. Yellow Pages Global.

    This initiative started in Latin America. After developing this market for the last four years, (which is a part of the Global system) already has more than 8 million Brazilian companies as users. This is a Brazilian initiative with global aspirations.

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