"Moving the Penguins" Moves the World

2012-09-24 21:37 898

DALIAN, China, September 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- With the rapid growth of the economy and the progress of society, environmental concern has become an important issue that can not be neglected by the world. In other words, environmental concern has become a major theme of the new century, which has drawn more and more people's attention. With this in mind, however, the Antarctic, always honored as the last pure land on the earth, recently received a "big gift" from the environmentalists of China. The gift, "Moving the Penguins" - "2012 Zero-Distance of the Antarctic," is a polar environmental public benefit event that was advocated and initiated by China Haichang Tourism Group, and which welcomed the cooperation of China South Aviation and

Perhaps, many people may not understand the title of this event "Moving the Penguins". Surely, penguins do not understand the languages of human beings; how can they be moved? As a matter of fact, "Moving the Penguins" intends to use a personified communication method to call on all people around the world to practice the concept of protecting the environment, and that the Antarctic is not so far from us that all our lifestyles and daily habits indirectly impact the climate of Antarctica, as well as the global environment. Therefore, let's start from the side and take it upon ourselves to protect the environment. And let's say "no more" to the environmental issues of the Antarctic, such as the reduction of the ozone layer and the quickly melting glaciers, etc.

"Moving the Penguins", a grand environmental public benefit event, brings together "three tycoons" - China Haichang Tourism Group, China South Aviation and - to talk about environmental protection and to call on all human beings to advocate and carry out low carbon and environment-friendly lifestyles in our daily life and to use our love and actions to care about and protect the homeland that is shared by penguins and humans.

As we all know, April 22nd, 2012 is a special day; that is, "World Earth Day", which is unforgettable to Haichang Tourism Group. On that day, the event of "Moving the Penguins" was launched in the five bases of the Haichang Polar Area Marine World (Dalian Laohutan Marine Park, Tianjing Haichang Polar Ocean World, Wuhan Haichang Polar Ocean World, Qingdao Haichang Polar Ocean World and Chengdu Haichang Polar Ocean World). The same event started in five cities at the same time, and formed a great wave of environmental protection, which was focused on and recognized by more than 100 media across China, while the Chinese people also gave a warm welcome to this event.

Now autumn is coming. After 5 months' online registration and mass-election challenge competitions in different zones, this event, carrying the enthusiasm and persistence of hundreds of millions of people, is finally entering its last stage. In the mid ten days of this month, the finals of this event will start and eight winners titled "polar warriors" will be fully sponsored by Haichang Tourism Group to go to the Antarctic for an ecological investigation. They will march to the South Pole to dance with penguins!

Until now, the event of "Moving the Penguins" has attracted the participation and concerns of the people around the world, and has been thoroughly tracked and deeply reported by a lot of media, including radio and TV media, print media, network media and other new media in form of images, texts, videos and so on.

The principal of Haichang Tourism Group stated in an interview that "To protect the environment, Antarctic and the homeland we live in is not only the responsibility of all states and international organizations, but a vital requirement of the righteous and an important responsibility of all citizens and enterprises."

"Moving the Penguins" has revived people's love of nature and recollected long-awaited social responsibilities and moral consciences. Moreover, this event fully combines some traditional cultural ideas like the "circle of life" and "integration of man and nature" into modern environmental protection themes and perfectly integrates business values and social interests, realizing the win-win purpose. At the same time, this event also demonstrates the international operation strategies and broad and profound humanistic care of Haichang Tourism Group.

One hundred years ago, when a group of Norwegian explorers stepped onto Antarctica, they were immediately attracted by the stunning beautiful scenes there. One hundred years later, we still expect that we will sigh for the beauty of Antarctica.

Source: Haichang Tourism Group