Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd's Exports of new Coal-based Activated Carbon Products Reaches over 6,000 Tonnes

Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry
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SHANGHAI, May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd has successfully reached a level of over $500,000 USD in imports and exports, whilst simultaneously achieving an annual export volume of over 6,000 tonnes of coal-based activated carbon. The large number of growing sales, alongside numerous accolades recently being awarded to the company, clearly reflects a high level of quality and efficiency within both the company and the products that they produce and supply.

Inline with the company's incredible amount of exports, they have recently been awarded the Class A Foreign Trade Enterprise by the General Administration of Customs of China - whilst proving efficiency and consistency through maintaining an error rate of import and export declaration of under 3%, the company's imports and exports recently reached over $500,000 USD, proving continuous success and quality of their products and solutions.

Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd advises that an essential use for coal activated carbon is water treatment for swimming pools. Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd offers an extensive range of specialist water treatments, focusing on maintaining essential cleanliness and efficiency. Through both Powder Activated Carbon and Granular Activated Carbon products, the company can provide expert water treatment solutions tailored to the customer, whilst also providing thorough, in-depth advice. The company's success and popularity of coal-based activated carbon products extends through to the businesses they supply to - one of the company's proudest partners that they supply to is the well-known filter company, AAF.

Although coal-based activated carbon has proven to be the most popular range of products, the company also offers a variety of different solutions and product ranges such as wood activated carbon, coconut shell activated carbon and bamboo charcoal.

As updated environmental and health practices are becoming more prominent globally, Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co. Ltd. provides a number of strategies and solutions to assist in air purification - specifically focusing on biogas treatment through the use of activated carbon. Biogases from landfill sites contact high levels of contaminants, including methane, and hydrogen sulphide, as well as manmade compounds containing silicon. Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd's biogas treatment solution can reduce the amount of dangerous deposits. The company advises that by regularly using activated carbon, equipment will last longer and maintain a high performance. In addition, the company offers a range of products that can improve odour control through impregnated and non-impregnated activated carbons.

Li Meijiao, CEO of Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd said, "Thanks to the customers' honesty and support, we aim to supply activated carbon products with the competitive prices and outstanding quality within the environmental protection industry, both for the individual dealer and the end user. Spreading excellent quality and incredible prices across the world is what we strive to do best. We hope that our spirit will strike a chord with our business management and take Beijing Blue Forest Activated Carbon Products across the globe."

About Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd

Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd, located in the Haidian District of Beijing, is the leading global supplier of activated carbon. Following an adjustment in the company's production line to facilitate China's Ministry of Environment Protection, the company has announced new products and solutions to assist in water treatment and air purification.

As a global supplier of activated carbon, Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd's products are used within liquid phase or gas phase absorption. The company is the market leader in China distributing both domestically and across a number of foreign countries.

The company produces a wider variety of activated carbon, such as: extruded activated carbon; granular activated carbon; powder activated carbon. In addition, Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd strictly executes ISO 9001 International Management Standard. As a result of incredible prices and excellent service, aforementioned carbon products have been exported across Europe, Southeast Asia and North America.

Through maintaining its reputation, Beijing Blue Forest Carbon Industry Co Ltd will continue to grow and provide innovative solutions across the globe.

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