Beijing Polytechnic College wins the 18th China University Robot Competition ROBOTAC

The China University Robot Competition Committee
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GUANGZHOU, China, July 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Between July 13 and 14, the 18th China University Robot Competition ROBOTAC, organized by the Communist Youth League Central Committee and All-China Students' Federation, with the support of the China Youth Development Foundation, China Guanghua Foundation, the CCYL National Research Center of Colleges and Middle Schools, the People's Government of Huangpu District and the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, was held in the Guangzhou International Badminton Training Center. The event was hosted by the Institute of New Materials Guangzhou under the aegis of the University of Science and Technology Beijing and SINOMACH Intelligence Technology, and co-hosted by the Association of Universities (Colleges) of Applied Science, the Education Steering Committee of Mechanical Engineering for the Ministry of Education, the Steering Committee of Computer Science for the Ministry of Education and the Guangzhou Science and Technology Museum. In all, 36 universities and colleges hosted a series of exciting contests. Beijing Polytechnic College took home the ultimate prize with its solid technical strength and excellent strategies.

China University Robot Competition ROBOTAC
China University Robot Competition ROBOTAC

ROBOTAC is an original event in China, consisting of a competition involving the offensive and defensive confrontation between the red and blue teams, where each side attacks the other's base and seizes the other's flag. The two teams formulate their own unique tactics and strategies to attack and defend. During the three-minute contest, if the robot of one team succeeds in uprooting the opposing team's flag, it wins the game. However, if both teams fail to remove the flag from its base, then the side gaining the most points is deemed the winner.

Four top teams participate in fierce battles

The specific conditions under which the flag can be considered as "seized" elevates the unpredictability of the contest, greatly enhancing the appeal of the event. Some teams initially found themselves in an unfavorable situation, but were able to pull off a perfect counteroffensive by quickly grabbing the opposing team's flag, and did so in such a short time that it quite surprised the viewing audiences.

The winner, Beijing Polytechnic College, reigned victorious in a quick and exciting battle in the semi-final contest during which the college competed with its old rival Beijing Vocational College of Electronic Science. Once the whistle sounded, Beijing Polytechnic very quickly got past the key obstacle, a suspended hammer that was swinging back and forth across the field like a pendulum, and entered the opponent's camp, to the cheers of the highly excited audience. Beijing Polytechnic then launched a second round of attack, going to the fortress and most protected part of the opponent's turf and finally seizing the flag. The entire action took just one minute from initiating the attack to winning, with the two offensive actions having been pulled off smoothly.

The second semi-final contest played out totally differently from the first one. The action signifying the winning of the round, the seizing of the flag, didn't play a big role in the contest. The two teams from Minjiang Teachers College and Huaian Vocational College of Information Technology reach one another's most protected turf in a backwards and forwards series of movements, however neither team was able to approach the opponent's flag, due to the strong defensive moves of their respective "defenders". In the stalemate, Huaian Vocational won more points by continuously hitting the opponent's "life pillar", gaining the right to enter the final contest.

Gripping final contest

The final contestants were Beijing Polytechnic College and Huaian Vocational College of Information Technology. At the beginning of the first half, with both sides deadlocking at the midline for what seemed quite a long while, Beijing Polytechnic College took the lead in finally breaking through and gradually penetrating into Huaian's turf, eventually climbing their fortress and protected area in one fell swoop and successfully capturing the flag after a quick, precise and ruthless attack.

In the second half, Beijing Polytechnic's initial lunge was fierce, getting past the swinging pendulum in one go, causing the defensive robot on the opposing team to jump into action. Beijing then sent two robots into Huaian's camp, climbing onto their fortress and then the protected area near the flag. However, a dramatic scene unfolded when Beijing Polytechnic failed to grab and take down the flag just as rapid as in the first two rounds, due to a malfunction of the flag seizing apparatus. In the last 10 seconds, Beijing sent another robot to get the flag, but could not do so within the allowed time limit. Finally, Beijing Polytechnic edged out Huaian Vocational by gaining one more point, winning the championship.

The 18th China University Robot Competition ROBOTAC has now come to an end, nevertheless, the contestants' journey continues. The teenagers, with their bravery and refusal to back down no matter how difficult the challenge, created one of the most unforgettable demonstrations of the power of technology by a team of college students to date. We are looking forward to seeing even more exciting and though-provoking demonstrations of what can be done with technology from future contestants.

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Source: The China University Robot Competition Committee