Beijing Sansec brings integrated cryptographic solutions for data security and cloud security to the 2018 RSA Conference

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SAN FRANCISCO, April 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 2018 RSA Conference themed with 'Now Matters' calls on the public to find solutions for cyber threats in order to build a society of trust and high level of cyber security.

At the RSA conference, Beijing Sansec, one of the leading Chinese cryptographic solution providers, is expected to unveil its HSM (Hardware Security Module), cryptographic software products, and comprehensive solutions of data protection, Cloud HSM and KMS (Key Management System).

Nowadays, the cyber threats are growing in scope and complexity. According to a survey by Crowd Research Partners, 84% of the organizations expressed the concern that their current security measures are incapable of dealing with the cyber threats or attacks. Security experts suggest that cryptography is one of the effective technologies to remedy such cyber threats.

China Cyber Security Law, which went into effect on June 1,2017, regulates that encryption techniques should be used to protect key industries and sectors from cyberattacks. 

ZHANG Yuegong, CEO of Sansec, said that the evolution of cyberattacks makes cyber-defense products such as firewall, intrusion detection systems and anti-virus software insufficient to cope with looming cyber threats. Zhang emphasized that cryptographic solution is the proactive move to fill the gap.

Zhang is not the only one who realize the importance of cryptographic solution. In the forum on the application of encryption technology during the 2017 China Security Conference, HUO Wei, Deputy Director of Office of State Commercial Cryptography Administration said that the encryption techniques have been proven to be key to protecting cyber security and will be expected to provide a solid basis for the future development of the industry in the years to come.

More and more Chinese companies show at the international stage of security and demonstrate strong ability in tackling cyber security issues. Sansec team has accumulated experience and improved capabilities in cross-cultural collaboration by working closely with multinational enterprises to offer the world a holistic solution to protect valuable information assets.

Sansec, headquartered in Beijing, China, is committed to information security solutions and services based on cryptographic technology. It offers exceptional products such as HSM (Hardware Security Module), Cloud HSM, KMS (Key Management System) and solutions for PKI system, financial security, data protection and cloud security. As a member of the Cryptography Technical Standardization Committee, Sansec has built full knowledge of Chinese laws, policies, and cryptography standards. In addition, Sansec has structured a high-standard quality management system with ISO9001, ISO27001 and CMMI3 certifications. Sansec has served various clients including government departments, state owned and private enterprises, as well as multinational corporations.

In recent years, Sansec has stepped up its globalization strategy by paying extensive attention to the international market and standardization and participating in the international standardization organizations such as CSA and OASIS. 

Sansec aims to become one of the top providers of cryptographic products and solutions worldwide.

Sansec, your best choice for cryptographic solution. 

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