Bitel Becomes the Most Favorite Telecommunications Company in Peru

2019-06-04 11:34 2276
  • By surpassing two operators in the Top 10 in the world, Bitel - the brand of Viettel, is evaluated as the most favorite company by customers in Peru.
  • Bitel urgently supports the affected area in the context of strong earthquakes striking Northern Peru

HANOI, Vietnam, June 4, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Despite being the last one to enter the market, Bitel (brand of Viettel in Peru) still wins the trust and satisfaction of customers at the highest level for products and services it provides.

According to Arellano's survey, known as a leading market research and consulting firm in Peru in June 2019, Bitel is the most popular operator here with customer satisfaction indicator when using services of 14.46/20 points. Meanwhile, despite being the two long-established networks with the most customers, Movistar and Claro are not evaluated as the most favorite one (by getting 11.34 points and 12.08 points only, respectively). As shared by customers, they are satisfied with high quality of 4G network service, competitive rates and thoughtful customer care provided by Bitel.

One of reasons behind customers' love for Bitel is that this brand is strongly associated with kindness, timeliness and humanity. Recently, when an 8.0 magnitude earthquake, the strongest one in the past decade in Peru, occurred at the end of May 2019, struck two provinces of Loreto and San Martin, resulting in great losses to both people and people, Bitel immediately launched 100% free voice and messaging policies for all customers in the two most affected areas. This action is considered Bitel's gratitude to customers at the time they need the most help, thereby helping Bitel score absolute points in the eyes of customers.

In addition, the largest coverage of network in Peru is an important advantage that helps Bitel gain customer satisfaction. Despite entering the market after other operators for nearly 10 years, Bitel is the largest infrastructure provider in Peru with more than 26,000 km of fiber optic cable, 1.5 times higher than the second ranked operator Movistar; as well as having the largest data coverage area with nearly 5,300 3G base transceiver stations and 3,400 4G base transceiver stations.

Peru is an extremely different market from other markets that Viettel has invested. With its large population (more than 30 million people) and higher economic development level than Vietnam (per capita income in Peru is 4.5 times higher than that of Vietnam), Peru is considered a promising market with lots of potentials. However, such potentials are accompanied by fierce competition with the long-established operators here, namely Movistar (ranked 8th in the world), Claro (ranked 9th in the world) and Entel of a Chilean tycoon.

However, Bitel has gained profit after only 2 years of business. Currently, Peru with Bitel brand becomes the international market with the largest revenue (USD 30 million/month on average) among 10 countries where Viettel Group is conducting business activities. In the period of 2015-2018, Bitel's revenue grew exponentially when the next year's revenue almost doubled that of the previous year.

In addition to gaining the trust and satisfaction of individual customers, Bitel is also highly valued and selected as a partner in many B2B projects (for corporate customers). Bitel's corporate projects have made significant contributions to the company's success with revenue in 2018 of USD 30.8 million, showing an increase by 82% compared to 2017. In early May, Bitel also entered into a contract worth USD 27 million with the Peruvian Ministry of Education, as planned, Bitel's B2B field is expected to bring in revenue of USD 40.6 million in 2019.

Box: Bitel is one of 10 companies operated by Viettel Global Investment Joint Stock Company (Viettel Global- Upcom: VGI) but under the ownership of Viettel Group according to the regulations of the Government of Peru. Besides in Peru, Viettel brand shows its outstanding highlights and receives the trust of many countries in the world.

Cambodia, Viettel Global's first foreign market, has attracted the love of customers, especially young customers after succeeding in renewing its brand image. As a result, Metfone in Cambodia has regained its growth momentum and reached a peak on mobile subscribers with nearly 6 million, and become the leading operator with agility in digital conversion.

In Myanmar, known as the 10th international market of Viettel Group with the largest investment, Mytel has surpassed 5 million subscribers after nearly 1 year of official business. It also becomes the third largest mobile operator in term of market share in Myanmar and the most popular operator here with Net Promoter Score (NPS) at + 11, while other operators have negative indicator, from -11 to -15.

The effective operation of 10 international markets has helped Viettel Global achieve 12 times higher profit before tax. Its net revenue in Quarter 1 reached nearly VND 3,800 billion, gross profit increased by 46%, from VND 904 billion to VND 1,322 billion. Gross profit margin is maintained at a high level, reaching approximately 35%, which is considered the highest profit margin in recent years.


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