Chengdu Global Venture, Investment and Financing Docking Day is on the Stage

Chengdu Municipal People’s Government
2019-06-14 22:00 1417

CHENGDU, China, June 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- From June 10-12, 2019, the Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (Chengdu, China) hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People's Government and was officially opened in Chengdu. As an important component of this year's Fair, the Chengdu Global Venture Investment and Financing Docking Day with the theme of Convergence and Transaction also appeared in the New International Convention and Exhibition Center of Chengdu Century City on June 12.

Chengdu has become the sixth national central city after Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Chongqing and an important economic center in western China as well as the engine city for the Development of the West Regions. Chengdu is now creating an all-round scientific and technological center in the west region and a regional entrepreneurship center with global influence, taking innovation-driven development as the core strategy for the future and the first driving force for the transformation of the city.

This Fair is named after Chengdu whose name and sites remain unchanged for 3000 years, which also become the new type of venture capital activity finding its strong backing from the government. It has established a convergence, integration and docking platform for global capital as well as innovation and entrepreneurship resources. Meanwhile, the Fair will promote the most potential scientific technologies, hi-tech talents, innovative projects, capitals and other factors to gather in Chengdu. It will also attract talents, scientific and technological projects and venture capital resources to station in Chengdu while demonstrating Chengdu's Innovation and entrepreneurship ecological environment and help Chengdu to make a center city of innovation and entrepreneurship with international influence.

International VC Magnates all Gather in Chengdu
And Decode the Future of Global Venture Capital

As a special activity of the 2019 Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair (China, Chengdu), Chengdu Global Venture Investment and Financing Docking Day invites more than 90 investment and financing enterprises across the world, including DFJ Dragon China Fund, Invest Europe, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Innovation Center, the Innovation Center of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Finland Venture Fund, Rocket Space the famous venture capital incubator in Britain and IMO Ventures. What's more, many of the venture capital's biggest names and venture capital elites attend this Fair.

On the Docking day, Mr. Anta, President of the European Union of Angel Investors, delivered a keynote address to share the successful equations of European venture capitalists and said: "Chengdu Global Venture Investment and Financing Docking Day has built a bridge for the cooperation between Chengdu and the global venture capital circle. In the future, New technology models and capital will continue to enter Chengdu through this bridge. With such a platform, more high-quality unicorn enterprises will emerge in Chengdu." Mr. Qiao Huijun, co-partner of Aplus as well as initiator and CEO of Aplus Intelligent Manufacturing, also attended and delivered address, sharing with the guests and venture capitalists the future trend of China's venture capital in an Intelligent Era. Additionally, the representatives from institutions such as the Innovation Center of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), DFJ Dragon, C Ventures made a high-end capital dialogue, centering on the topic of "What kind of capital do innovation enterprises need". The communication of wisdom will spark the "endless possibilities of innovation in both domestic and foreign investment markets under the new economic environment".

Communicate Closely with 60 VC Top Notches

What is noteworthy is that the Docking Day not only converges the representatives and enterprises of excellent venture capital in the world, but also takes the integration of global venture capital resources as the main line and build a convenient and polybasic bridge for the communication of venture capital for the investment and financing mechanisms of top-quality from abroad, so as to provide the innovators and entrepreneurs in Chengdu and even the VC magnates in the world a convenient and polybasic bridge for the communication of venture capital. In the Chengdu Global Venture Investment and Financing Docking Day, Companies that participated will demonstrate global venture capital sources and innovation and entrepreneurship industry chains in multiple latitudes through the form of face-to-face dialogue, creative incubation, and project roadshows.

The representatives from global venture capital magnates such as Invest Europe; Europe's largest and the most active business Angle Network; Fintech Camp, a digital financial venture capital from Hungary; Start4big from Spain; The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) Innovation; the Innovation Center of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE); Wave Ventures, a VC fund from Finland; Rocket Space, a VC incubator from Britain; IMO Ventures; DFJ Dragon; Aplus; C Ventures and Winning Brothers Capital Corporation, formed the International VC Guidance Group on the scene. The novel ideas, meticulous data and the ambitious development strategies of innovation enterprises are all on the scene with the global VC giant face-to-face discussion and in-depth exchanges. The Global Venture Investment and Financing Docking Day promotes the global innovative entrepreneurs' deep exchanges in the field of global investment, which further enhances the convergence of global innovation and entrepreneurship resources, and promotes the flow of innovative and entrepreneurial elements and the transaction of results.

Innovation and entrepreneurship is a competition that is of either advancement or drawing back. The current Chengdu Global Venture Investment and Financing Docking Day has more than 260 start-ups and entrepreneurial projects to sign up from home and abroad. And the financing intention is expected to exceed 2.4 billion yuan. 76 projects/enterprises and investors have been invited by the investment institutions for further communication, including 8 foreign teams starting a business in Chengdu. This Fair has established a platform with the interconnection of the global venture capital ecosystem for the the development of Chengdu's new economy, a larger space continuing to open in the background of communication. In the future, Chengdu Innovation and Entrepreneurship will focus more on global venture capital integration, continuous reform and in-depth development; striving to become the world's venture capitalist leader, incubation place, factor gathering place and industrial innovation zone and thus become the most suitable city for innovation and entrepreneurship. 

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