China-based sports industry data analysis firm Stars Allianz releases International Football Players Commercial Value Index Rankings

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BEIJING, July 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- This year's FIFA World Cup tournament, an event held once every four years, had its series of unexpected upsets and wins, culminating in a new order in terms of the rankings of international football teams. Although this year's event has concluded, public passion for football (or soccer for readers in the United States and Canada) is expected to keep growing, while the four-year wait for the next round will in no way diminish interest. Football, when considered on a global scale, has, undeniably, become the world's most popular sport, opening up huge market potential, while football players themselves have taken on incredible business value. The just-released Stars Allianz 5A Index - International Football Players Commercial Value Index Rankings is based on the latest data available.

2018 International Football Players Commercial Value Index Rankings
2018 International Football Players Commercial Value Index Rankings

Stars Allianz Online Sports & Culture Media Co. Ltd. ("Stars Allianz") compiled the Stars Allianz 5A Index based on its proprietary 5A ecosystem, a system that was created by analyzing and comparing a massive amount of data sourced from a big data database. The database combines the findings of long-term market surveys conducted by professionals specializing in sports, actuarial science, data search and mathematical modeling as well as marketing with the results of data search and sort.

Stars Allianz is a comprehensive data analysis service provider for the sports industry in China, founded by industry professionals under the guidance of the authorities responsible for the development of the country's sports industry. The company is primarily engaged in product creation and design, investment, project management and business development related to China's sports entertainment sector. With years of experience in market research, the firm continues to leverage its core high-quality resources as it expands its presence and differentiates itself from peers on the back of its unrivaled advantages.

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