DVDFab Software Further Perfects Its Video Converter in a Recent Update of DVDFab 11

2019-08-16 17:16 1931

BEIJING, Aug. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Along with the release of a minor update, DVDFab Software today announced that, by ushering in the support for EAC3 audio output and B-Frame conversion, its video converter tool inside the DVDFab 11 multimedia solution package had been further perfected.

Convert Videos to E-AC-3 Audio

E-AC-3, or Enhanced AC-3, also known as Dolby Digital Plus, is the successor to AC-3, also known as Dolby Digital. While AC-3 supports up to five full-bandwidth audio channels at a maximum bitrate of 640 Kbit/s, E-AC-3 supports up to 15 full-bandwidth audio channels at a maximum bitrate of 6.144 Mbit/s. Thus, to enhance users' listening experience and get the most out of their home theatres, developers at DVDFab decided to add an audio conversion profile into the video converter software, allowing users to convert any video files to E-AC-3 audio files.  

Enable B-Frame Conversion

B-frames are a type of partial frame in compressed videos that are generated by referencing data from previous and future frames. This can dramatically improve the efficiency in terms of compression ratio. With this in mind, the newest video converter module released today also added an option allowing users to enable or disable B-Frame conversion -- only on those computers with NVIDIA Turing Graphics Cards.

Benefits of DVDFab Video Converter

As a universal audio & video converter software, DVDFab Video Converter converts audio & video files from one format to another, so that the converted audio & video files can play on a particular portable or mobile device, or with a specific media player a user may have on his or her computer. The greatest benefit of this useful audio & video converter tool is its built-in conversion profile library, where hundreds of predefined audio & video conversion profiles are optimized for almost all the popular devices, including smartphones, tablets, PDAs, and even game consoles as well, from major platforms, such as iOS and Android. With these conversion profiles at users' service, it's incredibly easy for them to convert any audio & video files, no matter they have profound knowledge in audio & video conversion or not.    

The newest update is available for free download at the Download Center of DVDFab official website.

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