DVDFab Video Converter Software Updates: Full Support of Huawei Nova 5 and More

2019-08-23 11:53 1800

BEIJING, Aug. 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- DVDFab Video Converter started releasing updates this week, adding more models of mobile phones into its service package. Among them Huawei Nova 5 is undoubtedly very prominent.

Also included in this upgrade is Samsung Galaxy S10/Note9, both of which are prevailing smartphones around the world.  People who have different mobile models to convert videos may find this update very helpful.  It allows them to do the video conversion task with their different devices without worrying about compatibility issues. Also, they can introduce this software to their family members and friends to help solve their video conversion problems.

A Comprehensive Eco-system

As of now, this program has developed a comprehensive eco-system where many of the popular phones, which account for the majority of the global mobile market, are included. A lot of famous names, such as Huawei, Samsung, Apple, have already been covered by this program long before, while those less renowned names, such as HTC, though accounting for a small part of market share, are also included.

This update is a response to the rising demands that derive from the expanding mobile markets with almost every mobile brand launching new products every year, making it extremely challenging for a video converter to be compatible with all of them.

Compatibility as Stronghold

Historically, a lot of similar products have been devoted to overcoming this dilemma by investing great sums of money and talent in this cause, but very few of them have made real breakthroughs.  This may be partly due to the severity of technological obstacle, which, unless one company has accumulated experience and resources for years, could not be resolved readily.

In order to survive the fierce market competition, DVDFab Video Converter has been devoted to establishing its own stronghold, which no regular competitors can easily achieve. And this stronghold is its compatibility among various mobile models. Also, its update frequency is also very high, a feature that is aimed at keeping in pace with other phones' fast time to market.

Better Tools for Converting Videos

DVDFab Video Converter has been dedicated to the cause of video conversion and aspires to provide global users better tools for converting videos, whether they be homemade or professional, without breaking any copyrights. It gives people more flexible options with regard to the quality and format of videos they want to convert and makes their lives and work easier by providing a one-stop solution. 

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