Nanxiang Incity, 330,000 square-meter Shopping Center, will open in a China Millennium Town

2018-05-04 22:01 1830

SHANGHAI, May 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As China's prosperous cosmopolis as well as the world's critical center of economy, finance, trade, shipping, and science and technology innovation, Shanghai is leading China in its consumption upgrade and internationalization. Nanxiang with its 1500-year-old town and 330,000-square-meter modern shopping center being constructed represents Shanghai's new round of development, drawing the attention of China and beyond.

Shanghai Nan Xiang Incity will come out top among all the shopping centers in Shanghai in terms of floorage and will introduce more than 450 brands. Moreover, it is located outside the downtown area of Shanghai.  

The time-honored Nanxiang town, where Nan Xiang Incity is located, brings together dozens of top real estate companies in China to build the new "international community" in Shanghai. Nanxiang is also working to build the first "Suburban Central Business District" in Shanghai, and Nan Xiang Incity is one of its projects.

Along with the urban construction and development of rail transit, Nanxiang has attracted a large number of foreigners and many high-income locals from the Shanghai downtown area to move there, thus being one of the districts enjoying the fastest population growth in Shanghai. In fact, Jiading District, which Nanxiang administratively belongs to, boasts over 140000 foreigners, most of whom live in Nanxiang. Thus, one can find many pictures and information about Nanxiang on Instagram.

The influx of high-income residents, white collar workers and foreigners brings about a large population of more international and diverse consumption needs. However, the existing shopping centers provide only conventional products and services, failing to meet the residents' upgrading demands, especially those of young people born in the 80s and 90s, who constitute the main force of consumption and demand for high-quality, individualized, customized, community-specific or scenario-specific products and services.

Therefore, residents in Nanxiang are in pressing need of a shopping center that can meet their internationalized consumption needs. With its innovative business activities and diversified consumption scenarios, Nan Xiang Incity can provide for Nanxiang residents the convenience of happy and healthy lifestyles, to meet their overall individualized consumption needs, whether it is to buy imported products, to have a bite of international delicacies, to enjoy some leisure and recreation, to work out, to socialize, to bask in the happiness of parent-children activities, or even to get close to nature.  

Shanghai will grow to be an excellent and influential modern metropolis in the world, and Nanxiang will be a critical subcenter of this future supercity.

The construction of this 330000-square-meter Nan Xiang Incity in this time-honored town epitomizes the development of Shanghai. It comes into being as the requirement of Nanxiang's development as well as the upgrading consumption demand of the internationalized residents, and will lead the new internationalized lifestyle of Nanxiang and beyond.

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