New H3C 802.11ax AP WA6628 at head of Wireless Technologies Trends

2018-05-31 17:29 696

BEIJING, May 31, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The recent release of New H3C Group's brand new 802.11ax wireless AP WA6628 is at the forefront of a new trend in speedy, sleek technology. A subsidiary of TSINGHUA Unigroup, New H3C's WA6628 utilizes the latest 802.11ax industry standards and supports MU-MIMO and OFDMA. It can improve wireless network transmission rates by at least three times by perfectly solving problems of network congestion and interference.

In terms of product performance, WA6628 can improve the wireless transmission rate of independent network clients by at least 4 times, while its excellent anti-interference capabilities fully meet the strict requirements of high bandwidth and low latency for Wi-Fi. A preferred scheme for Wi-Fi applications in high-traffic events, it can serve a wide range of scenarios, such as large convention and exhibition centers, large stadiums, sports rebroadcasts and VR/AR.

In terms of outer design, WA6628 takes its inspiration from the jade of traditional Chinese culture, implying adherence to quality craftsmanship and the establishment of a perfectly accessible interconnected world, for which it won the 2018 German Red Dot Design Award.

The deeper reason for such excellent technological capability and practical value of WA6628 is the emergence of a brand new and revolutionary Wi-Fi wireless network protocol, 802.11ax (also called high-efficiency wireless, HEW), which has overcome the dilemma of heavy wireless network congestion and allowed wireless networks to enter a new era and take an evolutionary leap forward. It is characterized by:

  • Fast speed: Speed is improved by at least 3 times compared to 802.11ac and 802.11ax. In terms of modulation mode, it has introduced a higher 1024QAM and increased the AP rate to 9.6Gbps. Even with an effective transmission of only 60%, the rate can still reach nearly 6Gbps. It only takes a few minutes to download high-definition blockbusters.
  • Tackle high-traffic situation: MU-MIMO technology largely avoids network congestion. With the use of UL MU-MIMO, WA6628 greatly improves the uplink transmission rate of users under overall improved wireless performance conditions. Most importantly, 802.11ax allows multiple users to receive and send information at the same time, reduce latency, improve network efficiency and tackle high-traffic situations via AP dispatch.
  • Anti-interference and better quality of services: With regard to the problem of wireless network interference, New H3C has adopted spatial multiplexing technology, which prevents transmission of internal information from same-frequency interference through hierarchical classification, thus greatly alleviating the effect of interference on the actual network.

New H3C's 802.11ax AP WA6628 considerably improves network performance and makes wireless networks more efficient, orderly and stable. In the future, New H3C will continue to adhere to the spirit of technical innovation and workmanship, create more scientifically and technologically innovative products and lead the continual development of wireless technologies.

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