Nuidea launches new Indiegogo campaign: an anti-collision travel bag that offers protection for all valuables

2019-05-14 03:00 530

TAIPEI, , May 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- While travelling, many of us like to pick up some souvenirs to remind ourselves of the places we've visited. Sometimes, these items could be fragile. Besides wrapping them in bubble wrap and clothing, a Taiwanese startup Nuidea Co. Ltd is offering travellers a new solution called the AirPlus⁺ Anti-Collision Vacuum Bag.

Airplus on Indiegogo now
Airplus on Indiegogo now

This Anti-Collision Vacuum Bag is a four-layer storage bag made of reusable, durable material and 52 air pockets. It comes with a special pump that can inflate or vacuum the external and internal layers separately.

"Wrapping your fragile items such as wine and statues in bubble wrap or thick clothing could work, but what if your suitcase gets thrown around? Are you sure your items won't break? What we are offering here with the Anti-Collision Vacuum Bag is guarantee – a guarantee that your valuables will be able to arrive home safely," said Jevons Hung, Founder of Nuidea.

There may be similar items on the market but there are a few unique features that makes the AirPlus⁺ Anti-Collision Vacuum Bag and Pump combo stand out.

Protection for different items

If you have a bottle of wine, you can vacuum the interior layers to prevent the bottle from moving around within the bag, before inflating the exterior to offer it protection. On the other hand, you can inflate the interior and vacuum the exterior layer to protect items that can easily bend out of shape.

Internationally recognised safety protection

The Anti-Collision Bag has been tested based on the globally recognised International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) drop test standards. This means the bag can keep an item weighing less than 20 pounds safe, even if it's dropped from a height of around 96 centimetres.   

Bring and use AirPlus⁺ anywhere and anytime

Simply plug the AirPlus⁺ pump into a power bank or into the wall to inflate or vacuum the Anti-Collision Bag. With no internal battery, there's no need to worry about airport customs officials confiscating your device.

AirPlus⁺ has been granted a patent for the Anti-Collision Vacuum Bag in Taiwan and is currently applying for one in mainland China.

Exclusive discounts including an Early Bird offer will be available during AirPlus⁺'s Indiegogo campaign. Customers will receive their orders by August.  

Nuidea: AirPlus⁺

Nuidea Co. Ltd is a startup established in August 2016. The company designs sustainable and durable products that aim at adding convenience to people's lives. AirPlus⁺ is Nuidea's first product line. The brand focuses on developing solutions for travellers, ensuring that their vacations are stress-free.

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