OREO's "Six Flavors" A New Star on Social Media

2019-05-23 18:23 1546

NEW YORK, May 23, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Century-long OREO has become a companion of people worldwide, and has never stopped innovation in playfulness and taste since it landed in China. This time, OREO joins hands with Alibaba's Tmall Super Brand Day for the fourth consecutive year to bring new varieties with unique features back to New York in an unexpected manner.

OREO has played together with Tmall Super Brand Day four years in a row, and this time it brings American consumers the China Six Flavors series which are co-branded with the Palace Museum Food Company in China. It is quite different from OREO products in America, as evidenced even in the exquisite Chinese-style packing. The six flavors of the co-branded product include Red Bean Cake Flavor, Lychee-Rose Cake Flavor, Green Tea Cake Flavor, Spicy Pepper Pastry Flavor, Chaoshan-style BBQ Pork Pastry Flavor, and Vintage Haw Flavor. Integrating traditional Chinese catering culture and history with western pastry technology, this series triggered hit discussion on social media as soon as it hit the market.

the co-branded gift box designed by OREO
the co-branded gift box designed by OREO

The new flavors also help OREO further expand its territory. How is the taste of these delicious cookies, a product of eastern and western cultures? Netizens are eager to taste those cookies and make wild guesses. Tasting is believing. The co-branded product of OREO and Palace Museum Food Company was displayed on the Tmall Super Brand Day. On the event day, netizens worldwide placed orders simultaneously with offline consumers. The new flavored cookies became a global star quickly on social media.

Not only online, the new products also attracted great attention offline: an OREO van themed 'Moving Forbidden City' ran to the streets of New York recently, making a strong presence. At landmark icons like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, the models in traditional Chinese clothing invited people to taste the new products. OREO's mysterious new flavor wowed passersby, and many said, "I expect America to introduce these new flavors to local market", "the co-branding is innovative and creative, and I'm really surprised"…

pop-up show held in New York
pop-up show held in New York

When Chinese and western cultures converge into a small cookie, it conveys immeasurable value. In the future, OREO looks forward to bring consumers more choices and new flavors. Let's wait and see.

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