SENSORO AIoT Services Secure Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC)

2019-05-15 20:02 1220

BEIJING, May 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 15, the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations (CDAC), hosted by China, grandly opened in Beijing. As an AIoT smart security services provider, SENSORO was selected as the technology partner for the security work of the news center.

Meanwhile, SENSORO is providing visitors with interactive tech experiences. Whether you are passing by or stopping to take a look, your facial data including age, gender and emotion will be presented in real time on the screen. Besides, a 24/7 remote warning service system supported by SENSORO smoke sensors has been deployed in the venue, which helps cut down on labor intensive tasks such as traditional inspection work, provide scientific data support for venue environment optimization and create a comfortable working environment.

From top to bottom: SENSORO Smoke Sensor, IoT Base Station and AI Face Recognition technology (PRNewsfoto/SENSORO INC.)
From top to bottom: SENSORO Smoke Sensor, IoT Base Station and AI Face Recognition technology (PRNewsfoto/SENSORO INC.)

As one of the world's leading IoT technology service providers, SENSORO has implemented AIoT smart security services in many regions and countries. In Cambodia, for example, SENSORO's service is highly praised by the Cambodian Ministry of National Defense. They have reached an in-depth consensus on the cooperation and security service application in Cambodia. SENSORO will bring impressive science and technology to the urban construction and development of this time-honored ancient country.

In addition, from mining sites' remote data monitoring in Australia, cold chain and cold storage detection in Singapore, to urban safety monitoring in Manchester, UK, SENSORO has established cooperative relations with more than 65 countries and regions, covering 40 countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative".

Integration and upgrade of the end-to-end IoT product line and AI technology is the key to SENSORO AIoT smart security remote warning service.

Under normal circumstances, SENSORO AIoT system will be monitoring for risks of smoke, combustible gas and electrical fire in real time, and can intelligently analyze the flow density and personnel distribution, to determine whether it is necessary to raise the protection level. As soon as potential hazards occur, front-end sensors will perceive dangers in real-time. Then, signals and data will be transmitted to the base station up to 10km away via wireless IoT network. Thus, alert messages can be sent to the relevant personnel within seconds via phone call, SMS and APP notifications, and others to guarantee the best rescue opportunity. Moreover, with the built-in positioning system and AI analysis, coupled with the offline service team and emergency departments, people and property safety can be guaranteed to the greatest extent.

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