SmartClarity [TM] Series has introduced a new member to the line-up, starlight class 1080P CMOS imaging sensor SC2310 debuts at ISC West 2018

Recently, SmartSens Technology introduced a starlight class 1080P CMOS imaging sensor SC2310, perfectly enhancing all color in night vision imaging experience.
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SHANGHAI, May 3, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, SmartSens Technology introduced a starlight class 1080P CMOS imaging sensor SC2310, making this another product based on the SmartClarity technology after the introduction of the SC5235.

High Sensitivity, High Dynamic Range

SC2310 has an optical format of 1/2.7", and it has an effective array size of 1932Hx1092V. Having benefitted from the advantages of the 3.0um BSI technology, SC2310 can reach a sensitivity of 4800mV/Lux·s, with a maximum SNR of 43dB, and a dynamic range greater than 100dB. Exceptional pixel performance can guarantee the best image quality, satisfying the advanced requirements of the final customers in terms of all color in night vision and high dynamic range.

Near Infrared Sensitivity Enhancement

Also, SC2310 includes near infrared (NIR) sensitivity enhancement, allowing the quantum efficiency (QE) of the wavelength at 850-940nm to almost double. NIR sensitivity improvement can make an IR illuminated scene brighter and clearer; in addition, from a system point of view, fewer LEDs can be used, lowering power consumption and costs.

High Frame Rate

When operating in 1080P, SC2310 can operate up to 60fps. Finally, this sensor can accommodate both MIPI and DVP outputs.

SmartClarity™ Series SC2310
SmartClarity™ Series SC2310

Advanced integrated circuit architecture and BSI process gives this series of product exceptional night vision capability, allowing this series of products to present full color images even under extreme low light conditions with minimum illumination. Relying on these advantages, SC2310 can perfectly accommodate many applications, such as, surveillance monitor systems, IP cameras, car DVs, sport cameras, or teleconferencing systems.

SC2310 uses an advanced CSP package, through extreme quality testing and is suitable to operate from -30ºC-+85ºC, guaranteeing stable operation for extended periods under harsh conditions.

This sensor is targeted to be in mass production by the second quarter of 2018. If more information about this product is needed, please contact SmartSens sales representatives.

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