TAL Education Group Participates in the 2019 Global Education Summit

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BEIJING, Nov. 26, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TAL Education Group, with its various business departments, participated in the 2019 Global Education Summit from November 25 till 26.

The Summit was co-organized by the China Development Research Foundation, Beijing Normal University, Tencent, GSV (Global Silicon Valley), New Oriental Education & Technology Group, TAL Education Group, supported by ASU (Arizona State University) with academic cooperation, and with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) participating as the specially invited cooperation partner. More than 200 leading figures in the education industry from more than 20 countries and regions gathered here to explore the new trends and anticipate the future of education.

Guests are attracted by the TAL exhibition area
Guests are attracted by the TAL exhibition area

On November 25, one of the most anticipated sessions of the Global Education Summit "XDF and TAL Dialogue" was restarted. In this session, two leading figures in the education industry - Mr. Yu Minhong, Chairman of New Oriental Education & Technology Group, and Mr. Zhang Bangxin, Founder and CEO of TAL Education Group, met again after two years to discuss the education industry and the promotion of educational equity from multiple dimensions, including science and technology, the industry and their own stories.

"Educating people out of public goodness, thus to make the world one community." One of the goals of exploring the shared future is to promote educational equity. In the first "XDF and TAL Dialogue" held two years before, Mr. Yu Minhong and Mr. Zhang Bangxin announced the joint establishment of "Yuanshan Charity Foundation" to promote the balanced development of education in poverty-stricken areas. As time flies by, the Foundation has achieved brilliant results during these two years, and more and more people in the education industry have joined it.

Mr. Bai Yunfeng, Co-founder and President of TAL Education Group, delivered a keynote speech themed "Bringing Together Brilliant Minds of the World, Fulfilling the Dream of Education." Mr. Bai Yunfeng said that TAL Education Group adheres to the educational philosophy of "stimulating interest, cultivating habits, and shaping character" to help children develop abilities that can bring lifetime benefit. He pointed out that the Internet has given wings to quality education to let education cross mountains and rivers, thus to promote the balanced education. The arrival of the AI era has also brought new changes to education. As for the future-oriented education, TAL always firmly believes that technology is the core support, talent is the core driving force, yet the ultimate goal of education has not changed. At the end of the speech, Mr. Bai Yunfeng called on top talents in different fields from all over the world to join in the education industry.

"Listen to the story of the Journey to the West, and get the scriptures. Welcome to my speech." The audience had an immersive experience of being a teacher in the small room. At the same time, real-time scores were posted on the big screen outside the room based on the participants' performance including their affinity, pronunciation clarity and other factors. People could practice mandarin with the machine, which would give feedbacks immediately. They could also wear VR glasses to travel through time and space, bringing themselves to the world portrayed in ancient poetry and literary works.

In August this year, the Ministry of Science and Technology approved the construction of National Open Innovation Platform for Next Generation Artificial Intelligence — Smart Education supported by the TAL Education Group. During the Summit, TAL has focused on technologies, solutions and industrialized services to display its latest technological innovations including AI Teacher Language Learning System, Chinese Oral Language Skill Evaluation System, Class Quality Assurance System, Smart Handwriting, VR Immersive Classroom, and AI Teacher Training System, covering all aspects of "teaching, learning, testing, training, and evaluation."

In addition, as the host of the Panel, Mr. Luo Rong, CFO and President of Higher and Vocational Education Group of TAL, together with Mr. Fang Jin, Secretary-General of the China Development Research Foundation, Mr. Miao Fengchun, Director of UNESCO ICT in Education Programme in Paris Headquarters and other distinguished guests, explored the shared future. Mr. Huang Yan, CTO and President of Education Open Platform of TAL, shared his expectation for the 5G era on the theme of "5G Era: Gateway to Global Intelligent Education." As the host at the Panel on "Technology Fostering Equitable Education Development", Mr. Wan Yiting, Executive President of TAL Education Group, had a discussion with the guests. In this Summit, TAL Education Group will continue to participate in more than 20 discussions of educational thoughts, exploring the future education with the leading figures in the education industry.

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