Tencent Music Entertainment Launches Nonprofit Programs to Deliver Love and Positive Energy Through Music

BEIJING, July 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Tencent Music Entertainment Group (TME), the leading digital music and social media company in China, is launching a music nonprofit program which aims to deliver love and energy through music and demonstrate the social value of music. The program will be centered on a plan by uniting different products for music to promote charity and three nonprofit strategies that will encourage expressing love and caring through music, cultural inheritance, and music education.

Cussion Pang, CEO of Tencent Music Entertainment
Cussion Pang, CEO of Tencent Music Entertainment

In addition to promoting the plan, TME will develop several new social benefit programs, including:

  • Launch the "Music Garden Space" program together with the Chen Yidan Foundation to bring music education opportunities to ethnic minorities and remote areas by building nearly 100 music rooms in primary and secondary schools, and introduce thousands of Chinese songs to the world. It will also provide professional, systematic and continuing training to local teachers.
  • Launch a "New Ethnomusicology Project" with the China Association of Performing Arts to support the 4th "Music Talent Support Program" from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People's Republic of China with release of 10 digital albums that celebrate China's national culture.

TME launches a "New Ethnomusicology Project"
TME launches a "New Ethnomusicology Project"

"We are proud to launch our new nonprofit initiatives that will help to spread positivity and national pride through music," said Cussion Pang, CEO of Tencent Music Entertainment. "Music is more than entertainment and emotional connections. It can also change people's lives and has greater value and power that is yet to be explored."

TME launches the "Music Garden Space" program
TME launches the "Music Garden Space" program

Rao Ruirui, Secretary-general of the Chen Yidan Foundation said, "We are excited to partner with TME on the 'Music Garden Space' program. We are working together to build a music education center, national culture center and performing center. We are also building a nonprofit platform for musical dreams and national culture."

"We expect that the 'New Ethnomusicology Project' will support the search for and encouragement of musicians who play original folk music," said Zhu Kening, President of the China Association of Performing Arts. "We look forward to working with TME to promote traditional culture."

TME will unite its products and business lines including QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music, Wesing, and The Tencent Musician Plan, to promote love and charity through various online and offline events, digital nonprofit music albums, and star products, such as Running FM. It will also enter into partnerships to create programs and products with groups such as the China Association of Performing Arts, the Sichuan government, the Sichuan Nationalities Affairs Committee, the Chen Yidan Foundation, DTS,, and

To ensure that all music-related units are able to support the new nonprofit initiatives, TME will connect all products and enable them to participate in and promote the programs as they roll out.

The first digital album, which is also the first to exhibit China's national culture, will be released with the support and guidance of the Sichuan Provincial Government and Sichuan Nationalities Affairs Committee.


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Source: Tencent Music Entertainment Group