The 2018 Chongqing Global Travel Business Conference Kicks off Successfully

CHONGQING, China, Nov. 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- On Nov 14, the 2018 Chongqing Global Travel Business Conference, co-sponsored by the Chongqing Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Committee and Nan'an District People's Government, was successfully held in Nan'an District. The conference invited nearly 400 travel agents from over 20 countries, including the United States, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Thailand, Canada, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as overseas travel agencies and internationally renowned tourist industry experts to come together in experiencing Chongqing as a "land of mountains and rivers, land of alluring places".

Over 400 Global Travel Agents Came to Grab a Piece of Chongqing Tourism

At the conference, the city focused on five aspects of "Three Gorges, Mountain City, Humanities, Hot Springs, and Rural Areas," and further introduced the new image of Chongqing tourism "land of mountains and rivers, land of alluring places" to participants. In addition, tourism incentives were also released during the conference such introducing more convenient group entry policies for global travel agencies, 72-hour overseas tourist transfer visas, overseas tax refund policy for overseas tourists and other tourism friendly policies to encourage the enthusiasm of travelers locally and abroad.

The conference also brought about 30 signed inbound tourism market cooperation projects, including promotional cooperation projects at the municipal level with companies such as Ctrip, Singapore Masters, to jointly cooperate with Wansheng district, Nan'an district and various other districts and counties as well as local travel agents cooperating with overseas travel agents.

Overseas Travel Agents Sang Their Praises of Chongqing Tourism

Overseas travel agents arrived on Nov 11-13 to assess Chongqing as a possible destination for tourism. The scenery dazzled them all as they viewed the Wansheng Heishan Valley scenic spots.

Chinese-American David Lang, vice president of SATW, came to Chongqing with 11 travel writers to assess Chongqing as a possible destination for tourism. "My knowledge about Chongqing was all from books and movies in the past. I knew about Chongqing's docks, stone stairs and so on. I'm so excited that I could have an opportunity to visit Chongqing for myself now." The landscape of Chongqing is too unique to duplicate and it also has rich tourism resources and great development potential, he noted.

Chongqing International Communication Center of Cultural Tourism Established as Well as Other Promotion Centers

At the meeting, a series of international platforms of cultural tourism exchange and cooperation were established, including the Chongqing International Communication Center of Cultural Tourism, 10 Chongqing Cultural Tourism Overseas Promotion Centers, the Chongqing Office of the US-China Friendship Association, and the Belarus Cultural Tourism Commodity Center, which provided a guarantee for promoting wider international cultural tourism exchange and cooperation.

Among them, Chongqing International Cultural Tourism Communication Center, the official overseas media platform of Chongqing established by the Chongqing Daily Newspaper Group, will mainly operate media products of iChongqing through Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms. It'll promote Chongqing in all walks through Google and overseas media distribution channels through pictures and texts, video, H5, and other multimedia.

As the largest inland three-dimensional city in the world, Chongqing is famous for its mountains, rivers, and nightlife. It's also known as the capital of hot spring and food. The Three Gorges International Golden Waterway is one of the two earliest tourist name cards launched by China to the world. In recent years, the inbound tourism market in Chongqing has been constantly expanding and achieved annual double-digit growth for many years. From January to September of this year, 2.7881 million inbound tourists were received, and tourism exchange earnings amounted to 1.585 billion USD, up 9.28% and 12.14% respectively over the same period of last year. The future of Chongqing inbound tourism will be well worth looking forward to.

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Source: Chongqing Municipal Culture and Tourism Development Committee