ToJoy Mexico Officially Established, Promoting Global Sharing Economy

BEIJING, Oct. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- On October 24, 2019, ToJoy Mexico was officially established. This historic event was witnessed by Zou Chuanming, Commercial Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico; Dr. Caesar Remis Santos from the Mexican Ministry of Economic and Tourism Affairs; Arnoldo Padilla Ramos from the Foreign Investment Office of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Francisco Cervantes Diaz, President of the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico (CONCAMIN); Amapora Grijarva, Chairman of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China (MEXCHAM); Ge Jun, Global CEO of ToJoy; and Ernesto Zedillo Jr., CEO of ToJoy Mexico; as well as representatives of entrepreneurs from China and Mexico, political and commercial figures, and elites from all walks of life.  

ToJoy Mexico Officially Established
ToJoy Mexico Officially Established

The establishment of ToJoy Mexico represents another successful case for Chinese business models. It is also testament to ToJoy's global mission and role in the new global economy.

Facilitating cooperative development on five continents

Since its launch in 2013, the Belt and Road Initiative (Belt and Road) has effectively linked China's countryside with trade routes in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. In May 2017, Latin America was also identified as a "natural extension of the Maritime Silk Road". Now, Belt and Road is achieving full coverage across Asia, Europe, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania.

Today, amid a complex and volatile global economic situation, Belt and Road helps to usher in a new era of opportunity and transformation for Latin America. On October 19, the "21st Century Business Herald" published a research report on the effect of Belt and Road on ten countries in Latin America. The report pointed out that Belt and Road now connects North and South America to Europe, Asia, Africa, and Oceania through both land and sea economic belts.

In other words, under with the Belt and Road Initiative, these six continents can now achieve unprecedented "coordinated development".

To achieve this historic feat, experts and scholars have pointed out that the further advancement of Belt and Road in Latin America needs more powerful pushing and support. As such, ToJoy's entry into Mexico could be considered globally as a positive response to Mexico's national interests and medium and long-term economic trends.

According to Mr. Ge Jun, "ToJoy is here as an ally of Mexican companies and entrepreneurs. We will become a platform for exchange of successful business opportunities between China, Mexico, and Latin America. ToJoy plans to bring new investment resources and unicorn opportunities to Mexican and Latin American markets, and invites Mexican entrepreneurs to take part in these opportunities."

ToJoy has always been committed to its mission of "accelerating business growth and bringing happiness to partners". ToJoy enables global entrepreneurs to achieve collaborative development and share the value of growing from the size of ants to that of elephants. As of 2018, ToJoy has successfully incubated over 130 unicorns and quasi-unicorns in many new economic fields such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of Things, Internet Plus, blockchain, new retail, and e-commerce. Many outstanding enterprises, such as DHC Software, OriginWater, and Zhongshang Huimin: a famous unicorn with a valuation of over 13 billion yuan, have entered ToJoy's global empowerment platform.

Promoting international sharing and win-win results

ToJoy has established its global presence in the United States, Europe, Latin America, ASEAN and other countries and regions, and has established branches in cities such as Vienna, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong. ToJoy is also preparing to expand to Japan, South Korea, and other countries.

ToJoy set up its branches in New York and Paris within the last year. Since then, the top three super economies - China, the United States, and Western Europe, have all been included in ToJoy's business segment. From covering major economic centers, to surrounding areas, to every corner of the world, ToJoy is constantly moving forward, and embracing the new great sharing era with its partners.

In addition to actively promoting the global co-construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, ToJoy is fully committed to Mexico in embracing the spirit of the sharing era - that business does not have national boundaries, and all innovators, entrepreneurs, and creators can participate in win-win opportunities.

At the event, ToJoy brought four quality projects for consideration by Latin American entrepreneurs: DK Girls, Orich, Coffee 0.8 and OriginWater. At the same time, thanks to ToJoy, entrepreneurs from China and Mexico conducted in-depth exchanges and dialogues on Mexico's economic situation and business prospects and reached several agreements and cooperation intentions. DK Girls also signed a letter of intent with Holck group, one of the largest enterprises in Mexico, laying a good foundation for further business cooperation, which was appreciated by many of the guests present.

To promote partnerships and business cooperation between the two countries, Ge Jun also said, "ToJoy also plans to help successful Mexican and Latin American companies expand their business in China, which will become an important market for Mexican goods and services. We have already seen the sustained growth of Mexican companies in China, and our team will work with successful local companies to standardize and internationalize their businesses, introducing their businesses to the nearly one million Chinese entrepreneurs on ToJoy's platform. Each project will have the opportunity to work with hundreds of Chinese entrepreneurs, and Mexican companies will gain access to the Chinese market in a direct and effective manner to scale up its operations."

ToJoy is a Chinese enterprise aiming at global development. 2019 is the year for ToJoy to fulfill its mission of accelerating its global strategy. The establishment of ToJoy Mexico is just a part of the journey, and more global strategies will be announced in the future. This November, ToJoy will bring several Chinese enterprises and projects to Vienna: a global cultural, economic, and political center. According to insiders, after the establishment of ToJoy Western Europe in Vienna, the headquarters of ToJoy Eastern Europe may also be unveiled. ToJoy will continue to spread prosperity in the era of sharing in this historic city with several significant announcements.

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