TradeGecko launches Founder Plan giving commerce startups the technology superpowers to build amazing businesses

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TORONTO, March 13, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TradeGecko, a leading technology company that provides cloud-based inventory and order management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today launched its Founder Plan, expanding access to its powerful technology platform to early-stage commerce businesses.

The plan enables founders to integrate TradeGecko's leading inventory and order management solution from the get-go, so that they can build their commerce businesses to scale quickly. This limits cumbersome and complex manual processes that may inhibit future growth, empowering entrepreneurs with the ability to level the playing field with bigger competitors.

Recent research by TradeGecko has shown that operational challenges are among the biggest headaches for commerce entrepreneurs. 31 percent of businesses under US$1 million still rely on spreadsheets for their inventory management, with another 24% using pen and paper and 19% not using anything at all. On average, 90 hours a month are spent on backend functions, such as order and inventory management as well as product sourcing.

From as little as US$39 per month, subscribers of the Founder Plan can access a fully automated system that consolidates operations management functions into one central location. This ensures that inventory levels, sales channels and accounting systems are always up-to-date and accurate. It also gives commerce businesses the power to add new sales channels, integrates with other business-critical functions and provides analytics to support decision-making.

"At TradeGecko, no founder gets left behind. Our mission is to give founders the technology superpowers to compete in the global market. The Founder Plan is an accessible launchpad that enables entrepreneurs to scale while ensuring they have the time and information they need to do what they do best - build amazing businesses," said Cameron Priest, Co-Founder and CEO of TradeGecko.

The Founder Plan allows users to manage their total inventory starting with one eCommerce channel, integrated with accounting, manage sales orders and purchase orders, shipping and email support. It also gives access to TradeGecko Payments, TradeGecko Mobile App and TradeGecko Intelligence sales and inventory reports. For more information, visit the TradeGecko website here:

About TradeGecko

TradeGecko is a fast-growing technology company with offices in Singapore and Toronto. We give entrepreneurs, founders and independent businesses the technology platform to build amazing businesses that drive the global economy.

Our cloud-based inventory and order management solution levels the playing field and gives SMBs the commerce superpowers they need to compete - Speed, Scale and Smart Insights. This helps them to sell more, more often, across more channels and to more people.

Already supporting 18,000 customers in more than 90 countries transacting over US$3.7 billion, we are building a one-stop shop to power B2B and B2C commerce success. This is done through automation, data analytics, machine-learning, an entrepreneur ecosystem, integrated with leading platforms and business critical software.

For more information, please visit the TradeGecko website here:

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