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YiXue and SRI International Extend Artificial Intelligence Research Collaboration to Offer Virtual Tutors for Chinese Students

2018-04-16 20:00
-Leading provider of AI-based adaptive learning in China taps into SRI's research-based education solutions to improve learning outcomes

SHANGHAI, April 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- YiXue Inc., a Shanghai, China-based educational technology company today announced a new phase in its ongoing research collaboration with SRI International. As part of the collaboration, YiXue will continue to use SRI's research-based artificial intelligence technology and expertise as well as education solutions to improve learning outcomes for students across China.

From left to right: Stephen Ciesinski, President, SRI, Derek Haoyang Li, Founder and Chairman, YiXue Inc., Robert Pearlstein, VP, SRI
From left to right: Stephen Ciesinski, President, SRI, Derek Haoyang Li, Founder and Chairman, YiXue Inc., Robert Pearlstein, VP, SRI

Known for its AI-driven adaptive learning system, YiXue is one of the most promising education startups in the Chinese market. Through its online learning platform and in over 600 affiliated learning centers across China, YiXue's proprietary intelligent adaptive system provides each student with customized learning services that help them excel in K12 education.

"Our dream is to provide a virtual tutor that is Socrates, Da Vinci as well as Einstein at the same time for every student, and we believe adaptive learning is the right path," Derek Haoyang Li, Founder and Chairman of YiXue Inc, said at the AI Era Tech Summit in March 2018.

Utilizing AI and big data techniques, YiXue's intelligent adaptive learning system continuously monitors and assesses students to determine their weak points, gaps in prior knowledge, and learning outcomes; the system then offers optimized learning solutions and synchronized tutor support to maximize learning efficiency while increasing students' knowledge, skills and competencies.

As the leading player in the Chinese adaptive learning industry, YiXue now has over 100,000 paying users across 20 provinces in China, its total revenue last year surpassing US $48 million. YiXue plans to integrate more subjects in its up-and-running product and to open approximately 1,000 more AI-powered adaptive learning centers in 2018, bringing the total to 1,600.

In order to enhance its ability in delivering personalized learning to students, YiXue is partnering with SRI to expand the AI Research lab and collaborate in several areas, including artificial intelligence, natural-language, emotion detection, refinements to the design of the learning system, as well as other mechanisms that will lead to improvements in learning efficiency, learning outcomes and student engagement in the YiXue system.

"The SRI team is thrilled to continue our collaboration with YiXue and help advance its mission to bring personalized learning to more children," said Robert Pearlstein, Vice President at SRI Global Business Development. "By developing a strategic plan, analyzing data and implementing advanced software solutions, we are excited to help advance the efficacy of YiXue's sophisticated adaptive learning system."

"By tapping into SRI's cutting-edge research capabilities, we will be able to analyze our student learning data and develop a joint strategic working plan to improve student engagement, efficiency and learning outcomes," said Derek Haoyang Li. "We are excited to build upon our long-term collaboration with SRI and conduct research and development that will benefit students, schools and education companies across China, and over time we hope across the world."

Personalized learning is out of reach to the average Chinese student, whereas experienced and qualified teachers are in short supply for tutoring services. The number of high-school students in Henan province alone exceeded 3,270,000 in 2016, a drastic figure that towers above the limited amount of high-quality teachers in the region. Gaps such as these, between the high demand for tutoring services and a short supply of qualified teachers, are endemic across the country and helped boost the value of the Chinese K12 tutoring market to an astonishing CNY 500 billion (approximately US $79.3 billion) in 2017.

YiXue has demonstrated superior efficacy through rigorous comparison studies and certified group testing. In the 2017 AI-human contest held jointly by the Zhengzhou Education Bureau and YiXue, and supervised by third party research company iResearch, results showed that students taught by YiXue's intelligent adaptive system performed better in tested subject areas, with an average 9 points advantage when compared to the human-taught comparison group. Nine AI-human contests have been held and all have shown positive results in favor of students using YiXue's AI adaptive learning technology.

About YiXue Inc. 

YiXue Inc. is a leading AI-based adaptive learning service provider for K-12 students in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, YiXue offers after-school courses for Math, English, Chinese, Physics and Chemistry subjects, powered by its proprietary AI adaptive engine and custom-built courseware. Students on YiXue's AI platform enjoy a supervised adaptive learning experience that has been proven to improve both efficacy and student engagement across YiXue's online learning platform and offline learning centers. To learn more about YiXue, please visit

About SRI International

SRI International creates world-changing solutions making people safer, healthier, and more productive. SRI, a research center headquartered in Menlo Park, California, works primarily in advanced technology and systems, biosciences, computing, and education. SRI brings its innovations to the marketplace through technology licensing, spin-off ventures and new product solutions.

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Source: YiXue Inc.
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