Yvonne Liao, the Partner and CSO of Squirrel AI Learning by Yixue Group Attended the EdCrunch Conference in Russia, Telling the story of China in the Era of AI Education

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MOSCOW, Oct. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the sixth "EdCrunch," the largest new educational technology conference in Europe was officially held in Moscow, Russia. As a world-class high-level communication platform for education, science and technology, this event was jointly organized by the Russian Education Technology Company and the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. It focused on the innovation "from pre-school education to corporate education" and attracted Ben Nelson, the founder and CEO of Minerva Project, Tim O'Reilly, the founder and CEO of O'Reilly and other 254 world-renowned experts and 5,000 audiences from around the world.

The sixth "EdCrunch," the largest new educational technology conference in Europe
The sixth "EdCrunch," the largest new educational technology conference in Europe

As one of the most important special guests of the conference, Yvonne Liao, the partner and CSO of Squirrel AI Learning, attended the event with the self-developed Squirrel AI Intelligent Adaptation System, and delivered a speech with Marina Rakova, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation. She introduced to everyone the local application and development prospects of big data, AI and other technologies in education. At the event site, this Chinese story about AI miracle was unanimously appreciated by the participants.

Yvonne Liao, the partner and CSO of Squirrel AI Learning
Yvonne Liao, the partner and CSO of Squirrel AI Learning

In the following round-table forum, Yvonne Liao and Dan Carroll, the co-founder and CPO of Clever, Donald Clark, the EdTech entrepreneur and the founder of British PlanB Learning as well as Ilya Zalesskiy, the director of Yandex education services engaged in further discussions. The wonderful sharing not only highlights the Chinese style, but also brings a highly-enriched idea exchanges to the guests.

Intelligence plus Education is an inevitable trend of education upgrade.

As we all know, the scarcity and uneven distribution of education resources are the common difficulties faced by Chinese parents and students. Regardless of nationality and geography, a saying that "a master teacher is one in a thousand, and a house in a good school district is hard to find" conveys the problem faced by all parents and students all over the world. The teaching contents with "all of a piece" pattern and the same learning speed have long been unable to meet the needs of different students.

"But artificial intelligence plus education can enable AI teachers to break through the past bottlenecks in regions and spaces, integrate the experience of master teachers, and use artificial intelligence technology to simulate the experience and wisdom of master teachers to solve the uneven distribution of educational resources." Yvonne Liao said that the artificial intelligence plus education is already an inevitable trend of education upgrade.

The most basic point of a good teaching product is that whether it can maintain the concentration of students, and a good degree of concentration allows students to maintain a sense of accomplishment. According to the introduction, the intelligent adaptive system currently used by Squirrel AI has achieved five "Global Initiatives"-including nano-level knowledge points decomposition, learning abilities and learning methods decomposition, confrontation models, and the world's first-made association probability for non-associative knowledge points and the reconstruction on mistakes and reasons of knowledge maps, which can maximize the concentration degree and ensure the learning efficiency. Meanwhile, individualized matching can be realized by teaching in accordance with students' aptitude.

Yvonne Liao mentioned that Squirrel AI has conducted six human-machine competitions to verify whether the intelligent adaptive education system can achieve a fair and high-quality education for all, non-fixed teaching method, and teaching in accordance with students' aptitude and can analyze and compare the differences between Squirrel AI Learning System and real-teacher teaching. However, the results of the six competitions all proved that the teaching of artificial intelligence is superior to that of real human teachers. Taking the fourth hundred-city-scale human-machine competition as an example, students of the same level of knowledge mastery are divided into two groups to receive training of real human teachers and the system. The results are very shocking that the Squirrel AI has basically approached or surpassed the personalized teaching of real people.

So far, the Squirrel AI has more than 2,300 offline learning centers in more than 20 provinces. Up to now, it has accumulated 2 million registered users, covering more than 600 cities and counties across the country, with a compound annual growth rate of 500% for three consecutive years.

Build AI super brain in education and provide students with "targeted therapy system"

Yvonne Liao vividly described the squirrel AI as the "targeted therapy" in the education sector, which is accurate, effective and time-saving.

"I don't want students to spend a lot of time and energy on the knowledge points they have already learned. They need to put more energy into studying the real weak points that have not been resolved. This process can free teachers and students from a lot of repetitive teaching and learning and brings opportunities for teachers to concentrate on the work of education so as to cultivate the correct values in students.

Can artificial intelligence plus education truly achieve evangelism, teaching, and confusion solving? In response to this core issue, Yvonne Liao introduced the Squirrel AI Intelligent Adaptive System to all guests. "Our system's architecture is divided into three layers. I generally compare this architecture to the super brain for education. The first layer is learning. The Squirrel AI engine body contains content maps, learning maps, error analysis ontology, and goals and dynamic learning objectives. With these, we will simulate a master teacher to provide students with a wealth of knowledge, including a complete knowledge structure, and rich content. The second layer is the core recommendation engine, including the student portrait, evaluation engine of user status, real-time classification and prediction, target management engine, advanced diagnosis and VPA engine. The third layer is equivalent to the 'ear, nose and eye' of the brain, making real-time interaction with the user, including learning management system, monitoring and early warning system, acquisition system and so on."

In addition to playing a well-known role in helping children improve their content mastering, they can also play an extraordinary role in the teaching and doubt-resolving part. Yvonne Liao showed the stunning performance of the Squirrel AI Intelligence Adaptive System in "Computers Outsmart humans", a program broadcasted in China's CCTV-1: "Traditional exam-oriented education only focuses on children's mastery of knowledge, but ignores more important things beyond knowledge-- the cultivation of ability, thought and methods."

According to reports, the Squirrel AI Intelligent Adaptive System is equipped with MCM ideas, abilities, and method systems, which can sort and split thought, ability and methods thus making them definable, measurable, and transferable. The system analyzes each child's thinking mode, learning ability and learning methods, shape and complement them to develop advantages and make up for disadvantages through artificial intelligence, therefore achieving high quality education.

Attaching great importance to scientific research makes Squirrel AI Learning take absolute leading position of artificial intelligence and education track, and provide students with the most premier educational products. In 2018, Squirrel AI successfully invited the global machine learning godfather, the former dean of the CMU School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University - Professor Tom Mitchell as the chief AI scientist. In addition, Squirrel AI also owns a talented core team in R&D with scientists from Knewton, RealizeIt, ALEKS and many other global unicorn AI education companies. Not only that, Squirrel AI established a laboratory and conducted joint technology development with professional academic institutions such as Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), Stanford Research Institute (SRI International), and Institute of Automation of Chinese Academy of Sciences (IACAS).


There is no doubt that talent training with AI technology has become one of the future trends. It can be seen that all countries are constantly innovating education models through AI technology so that education can be personalized, scaled and efficient. With the maturity of AI technology, the artificial intelligence adaptive education will bring about reforms in the traditional education field, which will profoundly impact every generation in the future.

As the world's leading enterprise in artificial intelligence intelligent adaptive education, Squirrel AI has always been at the forefront of AI's education industry, making education resources more equally distributed and allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of high-quality education. I believe that with the efforts of Squirrel AI, no matter in what country and places in the world, every child can have a super AI teacher, a perfect fit of "Confucius, Da Vinci and Einstein" (All three are greatest luminaries who had and have been profound impacting human's development).

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